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About John 6IX Breezy

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Thanks chimp3. You are completely correct.

It was meant in sport, descriptive, not pejorative.

Shouldn't do such while also hiking in the field.


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I love AR but am a member of

I love AR but am a member of other atheist forums that have rules against calling out other members n the OP. I think this is a good practice. I once asked john if his nomiker was a reference to John 6:9. He said it had something to do with a nickname he had amongst friends (if memory serves me). I think John is one of the more intelligent believers on this forum and should not be taken lightly in a debate.

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Funny, because I asked John the same thing one time. (If it was a reference to John 6:9) lol Yeah, he said it is part of his gamer name that he uses for online gaming, or something like that. He said, the "6" takes the place of the "S" in the word "Six". Like writing the word "seven" as "7even". I actually think it is kinda cool. (Then I felt like a real dummy for not catching on to that quicker. lol)

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Honestly, I do not know where

Honestly, I do not know where you come up with "Intelligent" or "not taken lightly." John can not stay on a single topic and does more squirming about than any other religious poster I have ever seen. His replies are evasive at best and outright attempts at circumventing logic and truth at the very least. JB can say more than anyone else on the site about absolutely nothing.

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Think about the other

Think about the other believers.

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@ Cog

@ Cog

Oh he has serious competition in the Apologetics Handicap Cup in the shape of JoC, although admittedly without the intellectual arrogance that is J69's signature.

In the Avoidance and Nit Picking stakes Calhais is definitely an up an comer giving the old Breezy a long run for his money. And Calhais has that intellectual arrogance in spades as well..

I wonder is that a characteristic or a necessity for certain protestant denominations or just a product of their fear of being found out?

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