Any suggestions for atheist music groups?

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Any suggestions for atheist music groups?

So, I usually listen to a set playlist on the bus to and from school. I like most music (except country... ugghh), and I try to avoid overly religious musicians because I can't help but notice religious crap in their music. I've gone through classical and baroque flings just for the hell of it, but I generally stick to a standard regimen of Avenged Sevenfold and Metallica, with a few instrumental artists like Liquid Tension Experiment and Buckethead mixed in for good measure. I'm not a big fan of growlers and screamers like some of the modern metal bands and just about everything by Pantera after the Cowboys From Hell album. With those criteria in mind, does anyone have any suggestions for new music I might give a try? My usual tracks are getting a little old. It doesn't have to be from any specific era, but generally all music from before 1990 is better than after, but they're are a few diamonds in the rough.

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I'm a generation removed from

I'm a generation removed from you, maybe pushing two. Mine was late 60's, early 70's. I'm no longer an active listener. I'm an instrumentalist and focus on a driving, semi-classical style that soothes this savage breast under a setting sun. I think I understand why you're on a search but our ears are probably tuned to search differently.

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Actually, that sounds perfect

Actually, that sounds perfect. I like instrumentalist with a driving, semi-classical style. Name some titles, if you don't mind. I'm up for anything music-wise.

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Although I've never been mich

Although I've never been mich of a rock fan, check out Breakim Benjamin. They have some famtastic stuff. Try the songs Diary of Jane, So Cold, Breath, and Blow Me Away. Let me know how you like em :)

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I've already got all their

I've already got all their albums on my top shelf and downloaded to my MP3. I save that for long car trips because my playlist is so long. You've got good taste.


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I'm not sure what 'atheist

I'm not sure what 'atheist music' is...are you just looking for great new music that isn't religious? How adventurous are you?

(You don't like all country music? Try listening to the song 'Hurt' by Johnny Cash)

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No offense, but especially

No offense, but especially Johnny Cash. He doesn't sing, he just talks. It's like slowed down rap music that doesn't include all the references to shooting cops and dealing drugs. I'm just looking for artists that don't sing anything religious. That usually rules out country music anyway, if you're listening to the Wayland Jennings and Meryl Haggard era, at least. It doesn't have to be anti-theist music, just something that isn't telling me to count my blessings or rebuke the devil.

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One of my favorite bands ever

One of my favorite bands ever is System of a Down. The creativity, The talent, they're the real deal. They are from California & are the children of Armenian refugees who had to flee their country. I don't know they're full blown Atheists, but you could forgive someone for speculating. Their messages are wrapped in metaphors. They QUESTION EVERYTHING and you can hear a lot of their pain they illustrate from the Armenian genocide. On top of that, the music is just amazing. I give em two thumbs up like Ebert N Roper.

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Some of my fav songs include:

Some of my fav songs include: IEAIAIO, Aerials, psycho, chop suey, Mr Jack, mind, marmalade, sad statue, old school hollywood, BYOB, holy mountains, violent pornography, radio/video, cigaro, Sugar, Roulette, Question, this cocaine, streamline, & so much more. Btw you're not gonna guess the meanings from the titles of the songs lol

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They're definitely one of my

They're definitely one of my favorites. I've been listening to SOAD for as long as I can remember. Gotta love Serj.

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Jazz, REAL jazz! No religion

Jazz, REAL jazz! No religion no bullshit, just raw improvisation.

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Yeah, I can appreciate some

Yeah, I can appreciate some nice jazz every once in a while. I like smooth jazz most of the time, mostly because I've never been a fan of the trumpet, and that's usually absent from anything labeled 'smooth'. Plus, I've never been enough of a dancer or energetic enough for upbeat jazz to really get me swinging. I've got lead feet. I can definitely listen to some Scott Joplin though. Always a spirit-lifter.

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Well, I could suggest Jorn -

Well, I could suggest Jorn - Fool for you loving, it's quite a nice hard metal song.

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Try Amadou & Miriam, Rodrigo

Try Amadou & Miriam, Rodrigo y Gabriela, and Pussy Riot

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I love:

I love:
Alabama Shakes,
Some good old bill withers "Aint no sunshine when she gone.
Today I loved big Sean and Eminems new rap. says "fuck Ann Coulter"
Marian Hill has amazing beats
I haven't heard it but depths mode has a new political album. I love there old stuff

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Bill Withers is classic!

Bill Withers is classic!
Who is he, use me & ain't no sunshine.
"Grandmas hands" always calms my nerves too.

SecularSonOfABiscuitEater's picture
"Owner of a lonely heart" -

"Owner of a lonely heart" - Yes


His music is full of fascination with the sciences. Starman, Moonage Daydream, ect.

As a matter of fact the guardians of the galaxy soundtrack will give you a lot of good stuff.

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You can try Black Moth Super

You can try Black Moth Super Rainbow. They are a next level trip though.

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@ Jared -

@ Jared -

Like I said. I'm not an active listener anymore so I can't point you to any published works. Last published work I bought was Al Stewart's Year Of The Cat in 1976. I remember because I had just installed a cassette deck in my car and that was the album I bought to check it out.

The up-tempo instrumental work I mention is my own. I write and play it. Therefore, I really don't have reason to record it. This is one I wrote and titled Moving On Again because, well, my younger life was as a gypsy. This is the up-tempo kind of playing I enjoy. It satisfies the muse and distracts the angst at the same time

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I could listen to that over

I could listen to that over and over Pitar. Are you mostly plucking. I play Guitar, Not like you, Damn your good

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Wow, you're an amazing player

Wow, you're an amazing player. Sorry it took me so long to respond to this; I've had quite the busy schedule the last few days. However, I listened to your track, and I'm really impressed. You have incredible skill.

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Thanks, Jamie. Finger picking

Thanks, Jamie. Finger picking is mostly what I do. Self-taught back in the early 70's, I started out finger picking and stayed with it. Thanks again.

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"Lord I was born a traveling

"Lord I was born a traveling man"

"Just thanking the lord for my fingers"

"Look down upon me Jesus, you've got to help me make a stand"

Those are from three different songs by three different artists. There's countless songs that have metaphysical references cluing us into the artists bent for apologetics. They're not bad songs or people but they aren't atheist in nature.

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Check this guy out. He doesn

Check this guy out. He doesn't make bad music. Ever. His name is Andrew Bird.

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I've been listening to old

I've been listening to old blind melon music and thought of you Jared. It has a lot of instrumental and insane guitar solos. "Change" is one of my favorite songs.

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