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@ TD

@ TD

Nah, this is better....sadly shot by a crazed gunman...go figure.

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Check out Autotheism by The

Check out Autotheism by The Faceless! Fantastic album.


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Here's two from my childhood.

Here's two from my childhood. The first came out the year I was born, the second when I was nine. The two together might be part of the reason I grew up a sceptic.

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Tonight I'm killing gods!

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I have a wide-ranging musical

I have a wide-ranged musical taste. Some very different songs of atheist inspiration:

They recently removed from Youtube the most heathen version of this song, but this one is not bad. Beautiful Simone who had nothing but herself:

It was hilarious Catholic radiostations in my country used to play this song all the time. Someone needs to improve their English... Warning: the video is not nice. Take me to church, Hozier:

Hey, @TD, a leftist here not afraid of metal. Almost like an anthem. Slayer at their best:

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There are flashmobs, but this

There are flashmobs, but this one featuring Beethoven is by far my favorite. It brings tears to this old man's eyes.

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It’s the little children in

It’s the little children in this that serve to remind us just how potent a piece of music this is.

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I found these by accident

I found these by accident earlier today, and thought they were amazing and very entertaining. Each one is only a couple of minutes long.

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Beethoven in Ragtime is

Beethoven in Ragtime is Awesome!

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Beethoven in disco is equally awesome.


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