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Coming Out

Sorry if this is already in a forum somewhere, Im new here and I just didn't see it. If I'm missing it, please kindly point me where to find the forum.

I am a senior in a Baptist fundamental Christian high school that my kind Christian parents put me in. Everyone I know, even my closest friends, are religious and do not know my true beliefs. Would anyone have any advice on when and how to come out, if I should at all? Thank yall in advance.

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Hi Cooper,

Hi Cooper,

I’m moving your post from Site Support, which is for site functionality items, over to the Atheist Hub where you can chat with others who identify as atheist.

As to your OP, I’d suggest a book by Greta Christina called, “Coming Out Atheist”

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Of course we don't know your

Of course we don't know your parents like you do, so it's hard for us to say what to do; but I'd suggest that since you haven't told them, you are (wisely) afraid of what might happen.

My generic advise would be to not come out while you depend on theists for support (financial or emotional).

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Finish your high school and

Finish your high school and either get a job and get your own apartment or goto college(as long as your paying for it) then you can come out. All they can do is bitch and pray.

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Wait till after graduation.

Wait till after graduation. A new school, new friends, and a new environment will lend themselves nicely to a new frame of mind. If you go to university there may be an atheist organization on campus. If you are graduating, getting a job and moving out on your own, it is the perfect time for other life changes as well.

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As I did, wait until you are

As I did, wait until you are out on your own supporting yourself and do not have to rely on your parents. I moved out when I was 16. Got a single bedroom beach house only 5 minutes walking distance from work. Only had to drive to school and back. When I decided to join the US Navy, that was when I blew the roof off of the house telling me mom I was an atheist and always had been. Only me father took it well since he was a closet atheist and feigned to not give a damn either way. The rest of me family practically dis-owned me. But, I was already out on mine own thus it did not matter.

As Nyarlathotep said, since we do not know your family, the best advice I can give is wait until you are completely supporting yourself without any help from your parents.

And welcome to our little corner of reality. Here you will find persons who are very helpful. Some are rather rough, but will only tell you the truth you need to hear. We are all here to support and help each other. Finding AR has been one of the best things to happen in me life.

May fortune shine upon you.


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Yes, I agree, don't come out

Yes, I agree, don't come out until you're ready to support yourself. It's the same thing with coming out of the gay closet. I didn't come out until I was heading for college, and I had a scholarship and everything lined up and ready to go, and I knew that I would never be living under my parents' roof again. Surprisingly, they were not happy about it, but they just sort of got over it and stopped talking about it. Denial a'int just the river in Egypt.

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