The Fraud of Religious Charity

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The Fraud of Religious Charity

I work at home. In doing so I leave the TV on. I usually watch PBS but during pledge drives, I am forced to leave the channel tuned to something else. One of my passions is old movies (film noir). These channels have an unusual amount of advertising. These ads are sometimes amusing as these "off" channels are forced to sell advertising to what you might say are the most unscrupulous people. Ads like late night chat lines (phone sex), "As seen on TV" products, and the obligatory charity ads. Recently I had a film noir movie on and witnessed what I thought was a mistake. It was an ad to send money to homeless Holocaust survivors. I thought "what?" It was an ad by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. Now I don't know if this is legitimate but it seems fishy to say the least. I wonder how many Holocaust survivors are actually still alive. The charity only started in 2015. Now if the charity started 70 years ago or even 30 years ago I wouldn't be suspicious, but 2015?
Heres their website:
Now I am all for helping the holocaust survivors and or WWII veterans but there just aren't that many still around.
What do you think?
Also, do you know of any fishy religious charities like Joel Olsteen and others?

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@ Mykcob

@ Mykcob

Looks as dodgy as all get out don't it with a father and some leadership team. BUt then I consider all religious based charities as dodgy as fuck and wont have a bar of them, Cant see anything 'christian' at all for a Christian/Jewish fellowship its all Israel this and Israel that on the website. Maybe hoping to trap a few "End World" characters with money I guess

Joel Osteen,Creflo dollar, hillsong Ken Ham and all the others are all snake oil sellers with their own special brand of bullshit . That lot of predatory preachy scum are even dodgier than real estate racketeers and lower than those who steal the poppy donations on remembrance day.

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"I wonder how many Holocaust survivors are actually still alive."

Someone said that there are more holocaust survivors now than there were inmates in the concentration camps.

"Man who claimed to have escaped Auschwitz admits he lied for years"

"Artist Rosemarie Koczy allegedly faked her Holocaust survivor's story"
"The artist presented herself as a Jew who had survived two concentration camps, as she claimed in her memoir published in 2009."

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Diotrephes - Someone said

Diotrephes - Someone said that there are more holocaust survivors now than there were inmates in the concentration camps.

"Holocaust survivor" is a very broad term. It is used to describe "targeted people" who were exposed to the Nazi government and it allies. In short: you can be a holocaust survivor even if you've never been to an extermination camp.

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All religious charities are

All religious charities are fishy. Religions do not have to declare their income. They can give as little or as much money to a charity. How do you think mega-churches came into existence? Charity to a church is "Tokenism." No Church gives to charity if they can not use the donation as advertising to get more charity. This is just good business. One photograph of a child receiving a bowl of rice, properly advertised is worth a million dollars.

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