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Logical Fallacy PPT

Anyone interested in receiving a copy? 40 common logical fallacies in PPT format that can be used as flash cards or as reference materials, (nothing fancy), contact me with an E-mail address. These are completely editable so you can add or drop fallacies as you like.

If you miss out on this opportunity it will never come again. You are either interested a real atheist or you are not. Albert Einstein understood the fallacies of logic and so should you. Not having this ppt presentation is like being a member of the SS persecuting the Jews. Save yourself time on the computer and protect the environment by using less electricity searching for the logical fallacies on various websites. Millions of scientists all over the world use them and so should you. By using them you will be more intelligent and people will begin seeking out your advice. So, don't be a dick and act now!

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Logical fallacies went out.

Logical fallacies went out. If you don't know how to use PPT let me know. Basically, open the file and push the little screen Icon on the bottom left.

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Now that is what I call

Now that is what I call service. Print the directions twice to help ensure it is ingrained.


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thanks cog, i received it

thanks cog, i received it already....

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I think I sent the PPT to all

I think I sent the PPT to all who wanted a copy. If you did not get one and you want one, drop me a line.

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I got it. Just saying.

I got it. Just saying. Thanks.


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I like the penguin cartoon :

I like the penguin cartoon :-D

Thanks, Cog.

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I don't bother much using

I don't bother much using rules and logic much to debate theists because few come along genuine.

The latest tactic from theists is triumphalism which can't be debated.

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