This must be a dilemma for feminists??

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Well... I was going to reply

Well... I was going to reply to TDoggy, but y'all have said what I was going to say anyway.

Thanks y'all.


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Ooops... Did forget that I

Ooops... Did forget that I should respond to this... (bolded text)

Terminal Dogma

@arakish, apart from age your post was unsubstantiated in fact some might call sexist. Also you say about mens strength (physical) but can't bring yourself to say the word superior about it, just thought that was funny in the context of your whole post.

You say women on average live longer, I agree, but you made a claim of physiology - that Sir needs to medically substantiated. Could there be other explanations like men doing the most danger and dirty Jobs so women don't have to. How would that fit in your model as men the patriarchal, misogynistic sexists - oh it wouldn't, it would refute it.

Also thanks for explaining in detail the replygate scandal. I would have eventually but the fireworks based on an incorrect assumption was entertaining.

It is substantiated in the many medical journal papers I have read. You know, the one's that get shredded in the "peer-review" process?

Only problem is that I have to pay $$ to download and read those papers. Thus, I ain't going to just give them to you for free. If you want to read such papers, then you are going to have to search out those peer-review sites, pay for a membership, and pay to download those papers for yourself. Furthermore, and sad to say, you ain't my yungun, thus, I ain't going to pay for you.

Additionally, like I did with my daughters, I am going to force you to search for this material on your own. Maybe your mommy and/or daddy will pay for you?

However, I will give you this much information. These studies were done on men and women holding the same jobs and careers. Guess what? Women still out lived their men counterparts. And it was corroborated on a physiological level. Women just out live men. Although the data can be said to NOT prove this fact, the data damn sure does corroborate it.

Moreover, I agree with men having more dangerous and dirty jobs, but since women have been moving into these same jobs, they are still outliving us man-apes. How does that fit into your model?

I posted this elsewhere, and you may have read it since you also replied in that thread.

I have actually dated a transgender. She was originally a he. She admitted it right up front on our first date, right at the beginning. Want to know how I replied? I just simply said, "OK. So what?" And She was the one who was shocked. I guess She never got that kind of response from other male-apes. Prolly because She was dating discriminative shitheads? Anyway, She was a very delightful person to be with. And should I dare to say this? Yes, we had sex. So what? If it had not been for me getting that job at Yellowstone and moving out west, we would still be in a relationship. However, She did not want to move away from Her mom. Her dad had died, and get this, just three days after my dad had died, in the same year. Kowinkadink? Anyway, we still keep in touch. And also get this, She also happens to have been a life long atheist.

In summation, I am afraid you have proven this OP of yourself to be completely wrong. IMHO, you are the mysoginistic one. And you have proven it by your remarks in *THIS* thread.


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because i am such an evil, wicked, mean, and nasty person, i decided out of the evil in my heart to get you started on one of the journal articles sites:

If I am not mistaken, this one is actually free to use...


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@Arakish, thanks for sharing.

@Arakish, thanks for sharing...

Still waiting for @TD to reply to the latest posts to this (his own) thread...

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Just don't wait while holding your breath...


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Gee these cis females don't

Gee these cis females don't look happy when a trans man beats them in 100m sprint - they must be transphobic.

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@TD: You haven't answered a

@TD: You haven't answered a goddamned important question.

Anyway, from page one of this same thread...


Attach Image/Video?: 

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And what point was that video

And what point was that video supposed to make? It is nothing more than a clip of a 100 meter dash. Nothing else. Hell, I guarantee all those girls could smoke my ass in such a race. Would that give me the right to claim their are male to female transgenders?

And you still avoid all the important questions, responses, and answers put to you.

The biggest ones are:
By Apost:

And my claim:

Look at the last paragraph. I am basically claiming that you are NOT an atheist. Rather you are nothing more that a misogynistic and bigoted Absolutist. Either that, or you are one of those backwards, bigoted Rednecks.

Either case, you are bigoted.

And what in the 7734 is wrong with your spelling? Why in 7734 can you not spell "she" correctly?


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You are that dense you can't

You are that dense you can't see the point being made in the clip. Please never have anything to do with public policy.

I guess you can't see a problem with this girl, below, blasting grams of gear to become a boy that is competing against girls in a contact sport. You realise in any other scenario they would be in prison for blasting that much and competing.

You are worse than a brain washed cult zombie if you can't see any points in this, geez.

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Mack Beggs requested to

Mack Beggs requested to compete in the boys division and was denied. His only choices were to play in the girls division or quit wrestling. Because of his skill, he just won a college scholarship. Do you think he should have quit the sport he loves and excels at because officials told him he wasn't allowed to compete with the guys?

The University Interscholastic League has a rule stating that athletes have to compete based on the gender they were assigned on their birth certificate.

He's not a heartless kid trying to win at any cost. He's just a guy that loves wrestling.

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Wasn't blaming the kid, just

Wasn't blaming the kid, just showing how mind bendingly fucked up this shit is to manage IRL. Other folks dont see any "points" they only bigots, transphobic .....blah, blah.


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