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Okay but does anyone else have weird childhood shows or books that your were banned from watching or reading e.g. Harry potter

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"Codex Seraphinianus"

"Codex Seraphinianus"

mom told me not to read it, coz you literally can't read it..

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I wasn't personally stopped;

I wasn't personally stopped; but when I was a child I heard a minister tell his congregation that salvation was not possible for anyone who has seen the movie: The Last Temptation of Christ.

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During morning prayers at

During morning prayers at high school, our principal told us never to listen to "Lola" by the Kinks because it would turn us into sodomites.

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I was not banned from

I was not banned from anything, though when I was 3 or 4, the maniacal laughter on The Laughing Policeman freaked me out and sent me running and crying from the house whenever it was played.

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@Alembe: the maniacal

@Alembe: the maniacal laughter on The Laughing Policeman

I loved that song when I was a tot. But I was traumatized and suffered recurrent nightmares for a while after seeing my first Micky Mouse cartoon. It was the giant mouse face that popped out on the screen at the start of the movie that spooked me. A talking, bipedal mouse with big eyes just ain't natural!

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Who says there are no demons? If popular culture could do that to young minds, no wonder a concerted effort to make Satan real has served christianity so well.

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One real demon I recall was a

One real demon I recall was a primary school teacher telling his 10 y.o. charges that listening to Beatle music would deliver them to the Devil.(circa 1964) His work for the church went unheralded.

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I grew up in the sixties. The

I grew up in the sixties. The only book banned to me was Playboy!

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