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Something to make you laugh

Here's something that might make you laugh or roll your eyes to the back of your head. Today, I heard someone say that they don't like micro-chipping humans or RFID technology because that's the mark of the beast... Now I don't like it either, but putting things under your skin creeps me out, not because of the end of days nonsense.

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They call vaccinations mark

They call vaccinations mark of the beast as well. they called Social Security the mark of the beast.

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Are the stains on hotel bed

Are the stains on hotel bed sheets ( that are revealed by blacklights ) also considered the mark of the beasts?

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Why microchip humans? My

Why microchip humans? My mobile phone recognizes me through my fingerprint. Facial recognition software is becoming readily available (e.g., Windows Hello). So implants are looking increasingly like yesterday's technology. I'd also be worried about someone digging out my implant and using it for criminal activities. So I agree with this loony preacher, but for different reasons.

It should be possible in 2017 to go all around the world, drive cars, and make purchases without passports, licenses, or credit cards, simply by using biometrics.

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The topic came up because a

The topic came up because a business by this lady is using microchips on their workers.

I agree, there are other ways to go about it, but if that's the mark of the beast, then yeesh!

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Microchipping humans is sick,

Microchipping humans is sick, and it surely shows that there are beasts around us and that they want to control us like a livestock.

And that kind of beasts is much scarier than ground trolls they are talking about.

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I also agree biometrics is a

I also agree biometrics is a perfectly acceptable way to identify people. We do not need to put some sort of in bedded electronic inside peoples skin. A smart phone with advanced features everyone is carrying around anyways should work just fine.

On the flipside it could be pretty convenient. And simple biometrics can be just as bad or invasive, (imagine cameras/sensors everywhere identifying everyone walking around by looking at their eyes face or other identifying details. And then doing personalized ad campaigns against them.)

Chipping people can represent the ultimate quite a leap in security, if security is very important for a company. I could see something like everyone working in credit card company server farms having these as a condition to having the job. Not saying it is right, but some of the pure security benefits of such a system in places that demand enormously tight security, it is harder to make an argument against it.

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What is a beast that isn't

What is a beast that isn't human by nature and further expounded upon by its ever-fearful imagination? There will be a time when something as silly as "the mark of..." will be related to overworked imaginations, socially frowned upon and even publicly ridiculed. We're tempting that time now with religions becoming the focus of ridicule. Once they are wholly singled out in the public's psyche as the trouble making machinery beneath man's suffering we will have arrived as at a turning point. Until then, we have our beasts.

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