Theocratic Welfare to End?

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Theocratic Welfare to End?

If you are an atheist, I am sure you are aware that churches pay zero in taxes. Well trump and his republican supporters surprised even me! There is not one thing that this idiot has done that I could ever agree with. This would be a first for me to say I agreed and hard to do, but hey if he wants to screw the people that put him there, that would be awesome! So now he wants to tax his most loyal supporters, the churches.

They immediately demanded he reverse this policy, which is hard to say as trump does what he wants.

It gave me great joy to hear this, even if for some reason he reverses this decision. Could there be some trouble in the conservative christian paradise?

I hope so!

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Oh wow!!! So the Trumpster

Oh wow!!! So the Trumpster says that churches should
pay taxes??? Really??? This is the very first time I would
agree with him on something. Fantastic!

I have always thought that churches should have their
tax exempt status revoked.

Oh wait! Could Trump have some ulterior motive for
wanting to tax churches?

I need to think about this.

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Trust Trump.

Trust Trump.

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Terminal Dogma: Trust tRump.

Terminal Dogma: Trust tRump.

Why? He ain't earned any.

As for revoking the tax exempt status of the churches, I have always been for this. However, I now see a new problem this would create. If the churches had to pay taxes, this would create the "We must rape this idiots that believe in us for even more money to pay those taxes."


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As the Churches are already

As the Churches are already raping the idiots, I don't see a difference. They already make outlandish promises "Send us money and god will bless you." Here are the things they sell believing Christians. Magic Oils, prayers, pieces of the cross, false promises, autographed pictures, prayer cloths, magic lucky jewelry, tokens offering protection from evil, spiritual drinks, Chubbies men's shorts, a clothing line for women (can't recall the name), books, bibles, pictures of Jesus, and so much more.... How much more can the believers be raped?

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In the US: tax exempt

In the US: tax exempt organizations are not suppose to participate in political campaigning. I'm tempted to defend their tax except status, however: churches have been violating this for some time but the IRS looks the other way. Maybe threatening to strip them unilaterally isn't such a bad idea.

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The reason Drumpf is

The reason Drumpf is contemplating this is: as soon as the churches are ELIGIBLE to pay taxes then there is no check on their electioneering and drumpf will be the recipient of the funds. It will be a smoke and mirror exercise accompanied by lots of screaming and protest from the GoP and the evangelists (which drumpf will milk) with negotiated caveats and deductions so that in effect the churches will still pay nil, be eligible for federal grants, and yet be free to electioneer. Its politics. And some people who would normally reject drumpf and all he stands for, will be sucked in and happy that churches (as will be trumpeted) will be taxed...BS.

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