Who is your favorite Youtube atheist ???

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Who is your favorite Youtube atheist ???

I really enjoy a bunch of them.... Including Dawkins, Hitchens, Krause, Tyson, Gillette.....
But my absolute favorite is Sam Harris ! Freaking love that guy :) Oh, and in case you haven't seen her, his wife Annaka is gorgeous !!!

Favorite Sam Harris quote;
"If you wake up tomorrow morning thinking that saying a few Latin words over your pancakes is going to turn them in to the body of Christ, you have lost your mind, but if you think more or less the same thing about a cracker, and the body of Jesus, your just a Catholic"

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All those other guts you

All those other guys you mentioned are great, but Matt Dillahunty on the Atheist Experience has my vote. Not necessarily because he is any better than the others, but mostly because he is the first guy I started watching who helped me to completely break away. Tyson I like for his nerdy science connection (I'm something of a nerd myself.), and Harris is a freakin' genius at being able to slice people off at the knees with a subtle sarcasm so razor sharp and smooth they never feel the cut. lol
On the humor end, I have Flamencabot to thank for making me aware of Tim Minchin. Never heard of him until last night, but I'm hooked. That dude is hilarious.

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Ok, I'm checking Tim Minchin

Ok, I'm checking Tim Minchin out right now.

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Wow yes, I'm sorry I missed

Wow yes, I'm sorry I missed Matt Dillahunty, another very sharp atheist speaker !

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I'd have to say Aron Ra or

I'd have to say Aron Ra or Matt Dillahunty. I don't like Sam Harris at All...

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Wow ! Ok. I can respect that

Wow ! Ok. I can respect that though. Any particular reason you don't like Sam Harris ?

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Yeah, Apost, I sorta got the

Yeah, Apost, I sorta got the impression ol' Sam isn't exactly your cup of tea. LOL

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AronRA, Seth Andrews and Matt

AronRA, Seth Andrews and Matt Dillahunty-the unholy trinity!
Also Darkmatter2525 has a great series of animated videos pointing out the ridiculous nature of the Bible. Check them all out on youtube

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Speaking of Dark Matter, the

Speaking of Dark Matter, the Non-stamp Collector cartoon series is also very entertaining.

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali (Dawkins

Ayaan Hirsi Ali (btw, Dawkins explained she was invited to the debate finally called the Four Horsemen, because she wasn't able to attend, so she belongs to the OP's list) and from the AE: Tracie Harris and Jen Peeples.

P.S. Haha, @AUnum.

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@Flame Re: Atheist

@Flame Re: Atheist Experience

I love watching Jeff Dee go after callers like a rabid pitbull whenever they are stupid enough to push his buttons the wrong way. Especially if he is ever co-hosting with Matt, and I see him on the side getting all worked up waiting for Matt to let go of the leash. Cracks me up every time. "Sic 'em, Jeff! Sic 'em!" LOL

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You know, @Tin-man... I love

You know, @Tin-man... I love them all in the AR. But I needed to mention just women, to compensate, 'cause the OP was a sausage party, hehe. I'm very happy you like Tim Minchin.

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Gotchya. *chuckle* You mentioned Tracie and Jen from AE. They are both fun to watch. I especially like how Tracie never seems to get rattled, and if the caller is being full-blown stupid and unreasonable she simply laughs at them. lol

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I like Pat Condell. He's hell

I like Pat Condell. He's hell on islam and some political issues.

Betty Bowers is excellent.

Both are on Youtube.

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This is tough. There are tons

This is tough. There are tons.


AronRa (Holy shit I love the way he argues! thanks Aposteriori Unum for that recommendation!)
Paulogia (a canadian makes fun of ken ham and eric hovind with subtle wit and understated elegance)
King Crockoduck (super sharp physics post-grad tears shit up. especially fun to hear him tear into kent hovind)

If you are feeling rageful toward creationists, Logicked would likely be your cuppa tea.

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Alex O'Connor (CosmicSkeptic)

Alex O'Connor (CosmicSkeptic) from the UK is my favourite at the moment, because he's young (18); unfailingly polite; a smart as a whip atheist apologist; he's apparently impervious to theist provocation; he always punches up, never down and he introduces me to the next generation of public atheists.Alex and the other young atheists give me hope for the future.

Other faves:
Christopher Hitchens ( I miss Hitch), Richard Dawkins ( especially when he's outraged by absolute stupidity or tearing the teleological argument to shreds), Seth Andrews( that voice! The Sean Connery of atheism :-), AronRa, Daniel Dennett ( the atheist Santa Claus), Matt Dillahunty, Tim Minchin, Lawrence Krause, Julia Sweeney ( I recommend Letting Go Of God to anybody and everybody, especially those who are leaving or have left a faith that was a huge part of their life, and it hurts), Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Betty Bowers.

And that's without mentioning anyone in the wider sceptic community- their work debunking astrology, psychics, ghosts, alien visitation, faith healers and other snake oil merchants and exposing the origins and history of myths and folklore makes ours much, much easier.

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to Aposteriori Unum, that's

to Aposteriori Unum, that's ironic. coz your profile pic is "Sam Harris" and you dislike him?hahah.. i prefer matt dillahunty very keen and straight person. i love that guy..second to Hitchens (RIP)

darkmatter2525 very funny animated videos. very informative.

Aposteriori Unum's picture
I was emplying irony on

I was emplying irony on purpose. Just a bit of fun.

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Have you ever seen Francesca

Have you ever seen Francesca Stavrakopoulou?


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The late Mr. Hitches has one

The late Mr. Hitches has one of the iconic quotes of the century and is high on my list: "That which can be asserted without evidence can be rejected without evidence." But for an all time favorite ATHEIST, I really have to go back in time a bit to Epicurus. The problem of Evil reins highest of the list of rebuttals to Christian nonsense.

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Have you heard the argument

Have you heard the argument from divine hiddeness? I think that one really pours the icing on the cake.

Sushisnake 's picture
@Apost U

@Apost U
No I haven't, and not telling us what it is would be somewhat cruel after mentioning it. It sounds like a humdinger..

Aposteriori Unum's picture
@ sushisnake

@ sushisnake

This is the basic structure of the argument:
1)If there is a God, he is perfectly loving.
2)If a perfectly loving God exists, reasonable nonbelief does not occur.
3)Reasonable nonbelief occurs.
4)No perfectly loving God exists (from 2 and 3).
5)Hence, there is no God (from 1 and 4).

Or you could say something more along these lines:

If there is an all powerful god who loves and wants to have a relationship with all of his creations then his creations must all believe that exists in order to do so. Not all of his creations believe he exists... Therefore it is either not in his power to do anything to make them all believe... I. E. Manifest in reality... Or he does not love and want to have a relationship with all of his creations. In the first case the world without god would be indistinguishable from the world with god... In which case, why believe in him? And in the second case... He must not love and want relationships with certain people and so... Not their problem. Keep on not believing cause it doesn't matter anyway.

The structure of it can be in a syllogism or not and the words you use can be quite flexible. Just knowing the argument you can put the train of logic to work in many different discussions. Here's another one:

If God exists, God:
1)wants all humans to believe God exists before they die;
2)can bring about a situation in which all humans believe God exists before they die;
3)does not want anything that would conflict with and be at least as important as its desire for all humans to believe God exists before they die; and
4)always acts in accordance with what it most wants.
5)If God exists, all humans would believe so before they die (from 1).
6)But not all humans believe God exists before they die.
7)Therefore, God does not exist (from 2 and 3).

It's also called the argument from non belief. Keep in mind though... It only works with theist claims about god. A deist god doesn't intervene or give a crap anyway, so it doesn't really apply to that. Hope you can find this useful. (Despite my very crude and basic description of the argument).

Sushisnake 's picture


" Keep in mind though... It only works with theist claims about god. A deist god doesn't intervene or give a crap anyway, so it doesn't really apply to that. "

Yes I know. Deists are the reason I keep the qualifiers "personal god" in mind when describing theists or atheists. I haven't come across many deists, to be honest. Mainly theists.

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The Bible Reloaded With Hugo

The Bible Reloaded With Hugo and Jake. Especially the "ASk Hugo" and when they review Chick Tracts!

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Pope Francis...

Pope Francis...

Grinseed's picture
.....ok its been five days

.....ok Old Man... its been five days since this was posted....your favourite atheist youtuber? The pope? lololol...ok I'll bite....how?

Aposteriori Unum's picture
I think he's claiming that

I think he's claiming that the Pope doesn't even believe in god.

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@Apost Re: Atheist pope

@Apost Re: Atheist pope

I've always wondered how many of the multi-millionaire TV evangelists are simply really good actors and in reality do not give a single drop of rat piss about God/Jesus/religion. The only things they truly worship would be their mansions, private jets, and over-stuffed bank accounts.

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@Tin Man:

@Tin Man:
You haven't participated a whole lot in the recent debates? Everything all right?

Tin-Man's picture


Hey there, Apost. Yeah, I've been very distracted the past few days having to take care of my uncle. Had to call an ambulance to take him to the hospital New Year's Eve. Just got discharged day before yesterday, and I've been helping him get settled in at my Dad's. (I posted a brief explanation in Myk's "What is "being there for someone?" thread.) Basically, my mind hasn't really been focussed enough the last few days to post much beyond a few general comments here and there. Oh, and on top of all of that, my Dad has somehow managed to get suckered into some lottery scam, and he gets very defensive when I (or anybody else) try to tell him it's a scam. So, trying to figure out how to untangle him from that nonsense. Yeah, tons-o-fun here lately. *chuckle*
Hopefully things will level out soon. Just so you know, though, it means a great deal to me that you asked. Seeing your post actually helped to make my day a bit better. Thank you for that. I'm still following most of the discussions when I can. I'll try to jump back into the mix soon. Meanwhile, give 'em hell out there for me.


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