You can sit at home on your computer and play the Jesus Drinking Game!

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You can sit at home on your computer and play the Jesus Drinking Game!

-Take a drink each time God is mentioned.
-Take a drink when someone says Jesus, or Halleluia, or praise the lord
-Take a drink when the bible is quoted.
-Take a drink when someone says something dumber than usual (open to interpretation)
-Take a drink when someone prays
-If you laugh while someone is praying you have to take a drink.
-Take a drink when you are asked to send money.
-Take a drink if evil or Satan are mentioned.
-Finish your drink (regardless of how much is left) if you think you understood the message in tongues.

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Fuuuuuck.... I'm shit as

Fuuuuuck.... I'm shit as drunk jess fr'm redin da OhPee....*hiccup*....

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Oh my, I have two dedicated

Oh my, I have two dedicated religious TV channels at my disposal. Based on that drinking game, I would die of alcoholic poisoning within 30 minutes.

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