Atheists Shouldn’t Use Words Like “Bad” If They Don’t Believe in God

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Atheists Shouldn’t Use Words Like “Bad” If They Don’t Believe in God

ken ham thinks Atheist shouldn't use the word bad. He said christian's need to challenge Atheist overtime they use the words good, bad, right, and wrong.

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This is an illustration of

This is an illustration of why theists come on here to this forum and complain about my language. Theists think that they have authority over everyone, especially speech. It is why I use profanity in the first place.
Now they want to own the words "bad" and "good". Well, isn't that special?
Fucking retards!

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Well to Ken Ham and any

Well to Ken Ham and any thiest i would like to say that you are absolutely wrong!
Your opinions are not good or right, and that is too bad!

Now, fuck off! :) :) :)

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LOL mykcob4 is a Texas

LOL mykcob4 is a Texas redneck hillbilly idiot that doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. I am not a theist but I do LOVE disrespecting mykcob4 for the piece of shit he is. If he can do it so can I : LOL One more thing FUCK YOU RETARD! LOL!

P. S. FUCK OFF KEN HAM Such wonderful discourse on this site : ) FREEDOM!

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HAHAHA. What a fucking

HAHAHA. What a fucking hypocrite ImFree.
Now I remember why you hate me so much. You have bought into the rightwing propaganda that advocates that blacks are nothing but criminals. You always post racist bullshit, and I called you out on it. But you would call me a redneck. How fucking hypocritical.

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LOL hahahahaha...your such a

LOL hahahahaha...your such a stupid fucking idiot. Love embarrassing you with video evidence that proves you don't know what the fuck your talking about,which is why you always avoid talking about the crime commited in the videos. Your a self-loathing racist.

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Can you stay on OP? Stop harassing mykcob4.

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xenoview: I am not harassing

xenoview: I am not harassing mykcob4, just treating him the same way he treats me. If that is what you think then mykcob4 has been harassing me for a long time. Your so biased its funny.

myckob4: “It is why I use profanity in the first place.”

"Now they want to own the words "bad" and "good". Well, isn't that special?
Fucking retards!"

This OP is about the use of words LOL Funny you don't say anything when myckob4 uses foul language LOL hypocrite!

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Is Ken the word police? What

Is Ken the word police? What a fucking idiot.

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Ham is making an attempt to

Ham is making an attempt to qualify theism as the only stronghold of morality and ethics. Not exactly news from a theistic perspective, but it runs its course fairly often. That's okay, though, because the more such topics are run through the gauntlet of human logic and sensibilities the more theism begins to suffer under their cold, hard scrutiny. Ham is a failure. His ark, which is akin to the biblical Tower of Babylon, has left him a marked man; a target for the anti-theists. He's back peddling and setting up defenses in the camps of morality and ethics. Unfortunately for him, those are normal human attributes and not solely licensed to theism.

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This reminds me of Orwell's

This reminds me of Orwell's "1984". The government was trying to control people's thoughts by reducing their vocabulary, and one of the first words they hit was "bad." That became "ungood."

The religions of the Bible are very morally relative. They can't even agree among themselves what's right and wrong. You'd think that absolute truths would remain steadfast, but Christian notions of right and wrong have changed radically throughout history.

How's this for moral relativity? For centuries the Catholic church castrated boys before puberty to preserve their soprano voices. In 1748 Pope Benedict XIV tried to ban this practice but gave up because it might have harmed church attendance. The practice became illegal in Italy in the 1860s, but there were still castrati in the Sistine chapel in the early 20th century.

As amoral atheists, what's your position on castrating little boys (without anesthetic of course) for the sake of music that could be produced just as well by women? I would consider that to be absolutely bad under any circumstances.

And that's just one example of theist moral relativity.

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Algebe - You'd think that

Algebe - You'd think that absolute truths would remain steadfast

Oh I'm sure they are prepared to deal with that. Sure it is easy: "absolute" doesn't mean "absolute". Just like we've been told here that "all" doesn't mean "all", "entire" doesn't mean "entire", "infinite" doesn't mean "infinite", and "pray" doesn't mean "pray".

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I'll stop using those words,

I'll stop using those words, the day religious people -and Ken Ham above all- stop using the words "intelligence", "reason", "science" and especially "morality", because it is crystal clear they do not have a clue of its meaning or origin.

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