Challenge: Why is almost ALL violence in society...

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Challenge: Why is almost ALL violence in society...

Challenge: Why is almost ALL violence in society around the world today perpetrated by Muslims?

This is not an attack. It is just a question.


P.S. - I am back but only intermittently. I have fallen rather ill over the weekend and under doctor's orders to take it easy.

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"doctor's orders to take it

"doctor's orders to take it easy."

and yet, here we are talking violence...hehe...

always take care of your self arakish, and take the doctors advice very seriously...
get well soon..

peace out...

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Sorry..... but where are you getting this from...? Do you have any figures...?

I've just checked the figures from the World Health Organisation..... and guess what...? The countries with the highest rates of death by violence are countries with a very ,very low number of Muslim citizens.

IE. Number one in the world is Honduras.... 94.47 deaths per 100,000 population ...... not known as a hot bed of muslim violence.
Number two is El Salvador......62.82 deaths per 100,000 population

view the rest here

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That's a pretty far fetched

That's a pretty far fetched assertion. 95% or all convicts in American prisons are Christians. In countries with lots of Christian, the Christians are the ones committing the crimes. Vatican City has the highest crime rates in Europe per-capita.

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Can you post, or let me know,

Can you post, or let me know, the source of the date regarding 95% of convicts in American prisons are Christians? I would like to read more about this. Thanks!

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Basically, almost every time

Basically, almost every time I turn on the TV news, there is always a story about someone driving vehicles into crowds of people, detonating bombs in crowds, etc. Of course, I just always turn the TV off. But it just seems as if it is Muslim terrorists who are doing this.

Granted, I do not watch TV news very often for this very reason. It just seems when I do turn it on, more stories of such violence.

Yes, it is skewed by the fact I don't watch TV. Almost never in fact. But...


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I don't think that anyone

I don't think that anyone will deny that these happen, and that many times it is Muslims perpetrating these acts.
Here in Chicago we get incidents that make some of these Muslims look like amateurs. But that doesn't often make national, let alone world, news. Probably because the people involved are Christian, or at least not Muslim, and they are legal American citizens.
The only time we really come up is when Trump is trying to blow his own horn. As in, "Chicago has the worst crime/gun violence rate of any US city." (We do not) "Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the US" (We do not) "Chicago is like a warzone." (The vast majority of people who live in, work in, or travel to Chicago, will not get shot)
When a "good 'ol boy" shoots up a restaurant, school, or shopping mall, it's a blip on the radar. When a Muslim does it you'd think the gates of Hell were broke open or something.

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My bet would be "almost all

My bet would be "almost all violence in society is perpetrated by males".

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Chimp 3 "My bet would be

Chimp 3 "My bet would be "almost all violence in society is perpetrated by males".

You've never met my wife.

In all seriousness though, I found the claim of the op unlikely. I would also caution direct comparisons of countries where we have accurate statistical data of violent crime against countries where we don't have such a clear picture.

For example strict Muslim theocracies are often cited as having low reported instances of crimes like rape and paedophilia, but this might indicate the lack of rights those demographics have under such theocratic regimes to report and pursue their abusers.

Many ordinary Muslims and Christians are decent moral people, but to me this appears to be in spite of rather than because of their religious beliefs, and the many abhorrent teachings in their religious books.

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Then you will lose your money

Then you will lose your money.

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In the 20th century there

In the 20th century there were three prominent female national leaders. They were Maggie Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, and Golda Meier. All three took their nations to war.

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@Zach Malech - It's not far

@Zach Malech - It's not far fetched - It's just a really stupid brain fart. It does not even rate far fetched. "Far fetched" was putting it nicely and trying to spare my overly inflated ego.

Sorry Zach, I pulled the number out of my ass. I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote it. I used to work for California Youth Authority and I think it was like a rec === for fk sake --- now I sound like a Christian making excuses.. DAMN! I can't win this one and I can't talk my way out of it.


Christians make up about 54% of the general prison population in America. Islam is the fastest growing religion in prisons. You can find these statistics all over the web. I should not be on the computer before I have had my morning coffee.,

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Awesome. Thank you so much

Awesome. Thank you so much for the update! Still, very interesting stats read about. Also, I really appreciate your willingness and humility to correct yourself.

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I'm not a Christian.

I'm not a Christian.

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In 1965 at the age of 15, I

In 1965 at the age of 15, I got a small short wave radio. I was living in France at that time, and enjoyed listening to many different radio broadcasts. Two that caught my interest was "Radio Free America", and "Radio Moscow". After a few months listening I realized that each of those radio stations were pure propaganda. Radio Free America would only talk about great things the USA had done, and bad things about Russia. And the opposite came from Radio Moscow.

Every news service has an agenda. Additionally, each new service is a business, and they want more viewers. And bad news gathers the eyes and ears of viewers. So compared to all the good deeds performed each day, we hear almost all of the bad stuff.

I have a personal theory, that "people like to feel good about bad things". Nothing boosts news viewers like a tragedy.

I suggest that everyone listen to various sources, and only then form an opinion. Personally I check Al Jazeera, TASS, even the North Korean Central News Agency, the voice of North Korea. And their counterpart, NKNews.

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I still assert that Most

I still assert that Most violence in America is cause by Christians. It makes sense because much of America is Christian. Most violence in the Philippines is Christian as most Philippine people are Christian. Most violence in Mexico is done by Christians. Most Mexican people are Christians. Now if you want to move into Iraq , Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia,,, You will win hands down.

As for the WHO reporting less violence in Muslim countries, I can not believe the statistics. Violence is not reported in Muslim countries with the same consistency that it is reported in the west. i.e. If there is an incidence of domestic violence in America, someone is getting arrested and spending the night in Jail. If a teacher finds that a child was beaten, the police are called out and child protective services does an investigation. I do not believe Islamic countries have any sort of an infrastructure to their legal system like this. I just do not buy the WHO statistics.

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@David Killens: Aagreed -

@David Killens: Aagreed - Al Jazeera
It is a good source for world news. I prefer it over the American Propaganda Machine CNN. I like BBC as well.

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Well Muslims are doing the

Well the religion of peace, lol, are doing the most cutting people's heads off, deliberate targetting of civilians in terror attacks, throwing gays off rooftops and publicly throwing rocks at women until they are dead. There's that I guess.

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In India, it's the Hindus

In India, it's the Hindus killing lower caste members and Muslims. In Africa, it's Christians burning "witches" to death. In Myanmar, the killers are Buddhist and the victims are Muslims and Christians.

We have this little thing going on called the War on Terror, TermDog- it's well into its second decade now. The War on Terror consists of "us" dropping bombs on "them", and "they" are all Muslim majority countries. You need a lot of public support to drop bombs on other people for close to 20 years, and the simplest way to get that public support is to paint the other people as barbaric animals.

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A lot of 'new's agencies in

A lot of 'new's agencies in the west will report any violent act or shooting by a brown person as a terrorist or a criminal "gang related " act when the same or similar atrocity is committed by a white male it is reported as " a mentally ill" or a " Lone wold" or " from a good family but had a drug problem" or "had a troubled childhood"....our perceptions are constantly being skewed like this.

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The opposite is true,

The opposite is true, violence by Muslims is almost always reported as some form of generic violence and the mainstream media have a blanket ban on identifying the race or religion. It's All just soccer hooligans.

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While I think Islamic dogma

While I think Islamic dogma causes Muslims to be more violent than average, the OP's contention is hyperbolic.

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Reference lynching.

Reference lynching.

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