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Just as we give our young

Just as we give our young children different rules at different stages of their development, so religion has played an important part in the social and moral development of human civilisation. From a purely sociological point of view I think this is undeniable even for atheists.

This is one area where dogmatism has to some extent had a macro stabilising influence on human society, and to some extend continues to do so in lesser developed areas, however, it has arguably had it's day in modern western civilisation.

Seen from a pragmatic morally relativistic stance these social rules and norms can be beneficial at first but there comes a tipping point (or rather more of an extended grey area) where their positive influences no longer out-weigh the negative consequences of holding on to them.

In general I think we are approaching a stage in human social development where conservatism it's self will no longer be seen as an acceptable / alternative political or ideological position, but rather as a morally deficient system which must be superseded by progressivism if we are to continue to grow and thrive as a species.

Unfortunately this means that there are troubled times ahead as more morally objective and advanced ideologies clash and conflict with deeply embedded old conservativistic norms.

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Generally, polygamy is one

Generally, polygamy is one MAN with multiple wives. Rarely the other way around. It's generally practiced in societies that are very misogynist. It is also generally a part of strong class separation, where those with money and power have multiple wives. So, while I see nothing inherently wrong with polygamy, it's practice is usually tainted and indicative of some form of social injustice.

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Polygamy is by definition one

Polygamy is by definition one husband with multiple wives. The reverse situation is polyandry.

I don't think I could handle either situation myself, but I have no objection in principle, provided that only consenting adults are involved. No crime is involved unless one person tries to register multiple legal marriages at the same time. However, there would be no legal protection for the property rights of the individuals concerned in the event of a breakup

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From an atheist position? I

From an atheist position? I don't see how this relates... has sod all to do with atheism.

But from a personal stand point? I couldn't care, provided all parties are consenting I don't see a problem.

From a moral point of view I would say I don't like the sound of it, it's not something I would engage in and if I had a daughter who was being lured into that kind of relationship, strong words would be had with the gentleman in question..... with a sledgehammer. :)

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Polygamy and polyamorous play

Polygamy and polyamory play in different leagues. Before you jump into conclussions for egalitarian reasons (I used to think the same way), I urged you to read or listen to Andrea M. Emmett, a psychologist/journalist who spent several years in Uttah studying bible-based polygamy and she wrote an awarded book with interviews of women ex-members, called "God's brothel".

She concluded that in fact polygamy is a cover for pedophilia, rape, incest, orgies, sexual slavery and violence.

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"She concluded that in fact

"She concluded that in fact polygamy is a cover for pedophilia, rape, incest, orgies, sexual slavery and violence."

I think I will agree with that conclusion, but mostly when it is institutional and when one gender or individual is dominant.

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I remember this thread from more than two years ago. I go away for awhile and when I come back, BANG! here it is again.

I wonder why that is?

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Hi, CM Allen. There were 4

Hi, CM Allen. There were four 2017 posts before mine. I felt like writting about it, since no-one had added a reliable source to prove the dark side of this...

Sorry if this has upset you.

I think I will agree with that conclusion, but mostly when it is institutional and when one gender or individual is dominant.

Yes, I was just talking about biblical-based poligamy.

(edited 'cause of grammar mistakes)

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Oh no, it doesn't upset me.

Oh no, it doesn't upset me. In fact I find it quite amusing that a thread about polygamy would reappear after 2 years like that. And I am glad you posted that source, it offers a sobering perspective.

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Ah, okok. You're welcome!

Ah, okok. You're welcome!

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I've been involved in

I've been involved in polyamery for a number of years. It's no one else's business but mine, my partner and my boyfriend. It's not advertised to anyone. I've not brought it into my family life in any way. I'm not harming anyone. I don't see the problem. I know many that are polyamerous.

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I believe in people being

I believe in people being free to do as they please so I don't think the government or anyone should interfere with polygamous relationships or anything.
But at the same time polygamy is considered to destabilise societies and is linked to war, terrorism and is condemned by the UN human rights committee as it is linked to human rights violations. So I think a society holding polygamy a little bit taboo and the state not recognising polygamy by legalising marriage is probably best.


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