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scotty: "@arakish sorry to

scotty: "@arakish sorry to hear about your accident, let up on thinking that all who are afraid of heights are wusses i slipped off the repelling tower in boot camp got lucky didn't get hurt even though i am still afraid but i don't let that fear control me anymore, until they face their fear(forced like me, or voluntarily) they let that fear consume and control them."

Thanks for the correction. I guess not everyone afraid of height is not a woos. Although I have tried very hard to work through my fear of falling, because that is what my true phobia is, not the heights, but the fear of falling from that height. As said, I have tried, but I just cannot seem to get over that phobia. PTSD works that way. Especially having suffered it twice.

However, through my studies into some psychology, I do know that some phobias, especially reinforced through PTSD, just may never be controlled, and instead control you. Like the PTSD, it something I will live with for the rest of me life. I have come to accept that, and in a sense, have partially conquered it. I just do not get to any high places anymore. Not unless I know I am safe.

As for your shyness. I ain't worried about it. Deal with it as you feel you need to deal with it. As I said in another thread, a Cherokee once told me, "The greatest power is not without you, but within."


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High rise window cleaner for

High rise window cleaner for three years. Give me a harness, a lanyard, a prussix knot, and a secondary rope - you’re only 30 stories off the street. What’s to be afraid of?

No. I brag. But I’m not afraid of heights. I don’t even have a healthy fear of heights.

I find it interesting that the Mohawk tribe is traditionally known for not having a fear of heights. I don’t recall if it’s been proven to be genetic or just a cultural pressure to show courage in the face of potential death.

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@arakish never thought on how

@arakish never thought on how ptsd can affect fears that it could an even greater fear of the action itself. Never even thought if it was the heights or the consequences of falling that i feared.
As for my shyness i grew up with a speech impediment that caused me to not talk even at the same time as others, guess I didn't really tried to think that most people wouldn't make fun of it so i stayed quiet, even though my marine combat instructor in mct said I had an accent of some place feigned as in Austria or others think i was from New York.
I would laugh quietly to myself if someone was afraid of something even without a bad experience, like my younger sister being afraid of snakes, but i understand if something had happened to them to make them afraid, like one of the higher up in charge of my school in the county with snakes being pinned against a tree by a cotton mouth as a kid.

@rat spit it probably the culture maybe a little bit genetics because the military even though being filled with a lot of different types of people being afraid of different things there seems to more rely on each other for support and being forced to face their fears for most of them. So that the people can overlook their own fears for the better of the group.

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Scotty: "As for my shyness I

Scotty: "As for my shyness I grew up with a speech impediment…"

I have had quite a few friends with speech impediments. Everyone said they more comfortable speaking with me in person because I allowed them to take their time and speak, instead of interrupting them all the time like others tended to do. It would be exceptionally nice if all people could the same guidelines I do. All persons are different. Learn to love it. Embrace it. Hell, as a child, I had a friend who had a severe stuttering problem, another named Jesus, another one whose parents were classified as "mentally retarded" using the old term and he was as smart as I am, one of my best friends was ½ black ½ white in a time when race riots were rampant, and the Civil Rights movement was in full swing. Make love, not war. Peace man. Yeah, I remember the pot-smoking, acid-dropping hippy days. I remember both Kennedys being assassinated.

Hang in there Dude. If needed, I am here for you.


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There are only two natural

There are only two natural fears: the fear of falling (or sensation of falling) and the startling effect of sharp, unexpected noises. Everything else is learned behaviour.

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@Kataclismic: FEAR.

@Kataclismic: FEAR.
One sure way to send me running to the funny papers is to make a statement like, The Only Two - of anything. So, there I was looking for something to back this up and I discovered.....

"When the babies saw pictures of the snakes and spiders, they consistently reacted with larger pupils than when they were shown control images of flowers and fish. This finding, published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, suggested that a fear of these creatures could be innate." (Yes -- Only "could be.")


"A study published in 2008 in the journal Cognition, and another in 2014 in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, also point to an inherited fear of spiders and snakes."

So what are those two fears? They are the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. (I just had to find the article being a psychotherapist, I probably should know this..... but I didn't.) Thanks.



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