Iceland to ban Male Genital Mutilation

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Iceland to ban Male Genital Mutilation

A bill has been proposed to the Icelandic Parliament which would ban Male Genital Mutilation and make it punishable by up to 6 years in Prison. And as expected, Jewish groups all over the world are screaming "Antisemitism" because Male Genital Mutilation is ordered in their Ancient Book of Fairy Tales.

Now of course that very same Ancient Book of Fairy Tales also orders the Jews to murder homosexuals, genocide pagans and marry little girls, and yet it isn't considered antisemitic that any of these things are illegal, so their claims of Antisemitism are really just ridiculous.

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Often thought I should have gone there instead of Australia...but bugger I like the sun.

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It would be interesting if

It would be interesting if men sued the practitioners or parents over these sort of things.

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The Grizzly Atheist,

The Grizzly Atheist,

They're just upset that they won't get to suck the bloody wound and have a snack.

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Iceland is quite right.

Iceland is quite right. Religiously motivated male genital mutilation is just as much common assault as female genital mutilation. It is just less serious an injury for men apparently. Of course, religion stands four-square in the way of any sense or justice, as usual.

If someone said they wanted to brand or tattoo their child people would be outraged. What hypocrites.

I was cut when I was still an infant, there were complications that required six surgical interventions from age 0.5 to 20, three of which were preformed under general anaesthesia.

All my life my mother told me that 'I was unlucky, this was the way things were', while my father just refused to broach the issue. I felt like I had caused this somehow, I felt deeply ashamed for my predicament and put off having any contact with the opposite sex until I was well into my twenties.
The funny thing is that if you were to meet me in college (medical college at that), I would be the first one to defend circumcision. The power of the human mind to rationalise injustice is insidious and to be honest I still have not digested the full implications of my Parents choice... Unquote.

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This should not come as a

This should not come as a surprise to anyone. After all, God really loves his foreskins and with only 200 you can become a King.

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Good. I hope it passes.

Good. I hope it passes.

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Well done Iceland, a long

Well done Iceland, a long time coming I must say. Hopefully other western democracies will now be shamed into action. Mutilating a child is unconscionable. If adults want to lop bits of themselves then crack on, but doing this to a child is abuse pure and simple.

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finally. welcome to the 21st

finally. welcome to the 21st century

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