Is it honorable to force men or women to wear veils or any particular

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Is it honorable to force men or women to wear veils or any particular

Is it honorable to force men or women to wear veils or any particular garment?

I ask this question, because forcing people to do so, seems to go against the notions of freedom, liberty, equality and fraternity. It is an insult to our fiduciary duty to each other and is responsible for many honor killings.

In many countries, be it a religious, political or social custom; women and men are forced to wear particular garments;, veils hijabs, or beards are three examples of this.

Does this practice of using force go against our fiduciary duty to women and men?

The Golden Rules or some form of reciprocity exists in most religions and cultures.

No one likes to be forced to do anything, this is irrefutable. In some cultures, force is used to have men and women kowtow to the culture or religion. This is a poor and immoral ideology.

I believe that obliging or forcing people to submit to any political, social or religious norm, including forcing various apparel, --- without a just cause, --- is immoral.

Do you agree?


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"Is it honorable to force men

"Is it honorable to force men or women to wear veils or any particular garment?"

Hmmmm.... Tough question, but I think I'll give it a shot. So, after much consideration, my answer is, "NO."

Next topic, please.

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Did anyone notice that "veil"

Did anyone notice that "veil" is an anagram of "evil"?

Forcing people to hide their faces for some crazy religious BS is just that. Human beings need to see each other's faces to understand each other.

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Best I can tell, Algebe, is

Best I can tell, Algebe, is that the places where women are forced to wear veils do not give a damn about understanding women in the first place.

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Of course forcing women to

Of course forcing women to wear a veil is wrong. My opinion does not seem to matter to the Iranians though.

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Gnostic Christi...,

Gnostic Christi...,

When Paul established the Christian rituals he specified that women are to cover their heads in church and that if they didn't then the men were supposed to grab them and shave their heads. 13 pictures.

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