Meaning of life

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Meaning of life

What is your meaning of life?

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To try to be the best that

To try to be the best that you can hope to be. Set an example for future generations. Leave the world better than you found it. Golden rule.

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Life, liberty and the pursuit

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

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I'm happy just to wake up every morning.

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To me, the meaning of life is

To me, the meaning of life is whatever helps you get through the day and makes you look forward tomorrow. Everyone can find that, and that could be anything. There's just so much to explore and learn out there, that makes life a real gift (I just joined the site btw and I don't know if there's an "introduction" thread, so yeah, hi everyone).

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Altruistically, a better

Altruistically, a better world for my grandson. Very personal, but I fear that at the moment of my death I will think "Should have had more wine and sex!".

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to achieve wisdom :)

to achieve wisdom :)

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To write on a forum.

To write on a forum.

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The meaning of life is being

The meaning of life is being able to search for the meaning of life. Just hope that you never find it though.

For a small fee, religions will give you a prepackaged, ready-made, one-size-fits-all meaning of life, but swallowing it will stunt your growth.

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