Moroccan Atheist Seeking Asylum! Facts and Opinions.

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Moroccan Atheist Seeking Asylum! Facts and Opinions.

Hi Folks,

First of all i do apologize to you all as i don't know if this is the right place to post my question! Im Moroccan atheist! Always been an atheist just didn't have the guts to say it so my life wouldn't be in danger currently using VPN to sing in to Atheist Republic so i wouldn't be tracked. You probably don't know this but the Moroccan government track literally anyone and anything that moves within the country even Phone calls!.

I'll just make it quick and simple and i appreciate you sticking around to help the others as i had no choice but to ask for help.

Been studying religions for the past 7 years and unfortunately non of the books dazzled my thoughts or explained any of my questions. In fact i'm a Scientist and Physicist nerd and i have applied everything i know to measure the truth of it all and Science WINS. It explains everything you have in mind except the darkest ones which Scientist are currently working on it. WE ARE ALMOST THERE PEOPLE AND WE WILL PROVE THAT THERE'S NO SUCH A THING AS GOD OR GODS.

I'm not gonna get into details in this post but im happy to share my evidence of non-existing of GOD, GODS as it's just an illusion was made to make people feel better and have a reason to live and think that there's a better life waiting for them. They can't accept the idea that they would be vanished and wiped off the face of the universe after their death. YEP!! Hard to believe? It's true so make most of it counts and don't waste it worshiping something that doesn't move or talk as if i were a god i would want my creatures to see me talk to me and the most important part is that i would never want a harm to come to them whatsoever.

Ok im getting there i know! Let's keep this for another thread that would really have a beautiful chaos inside and it would definitely dazzle you. Unless you are stubborn to listen?

So where was I? Oh yeah the kingdom of Morocco which i like to call "THE KINGDOM OF SLAVERY". You'll be surprise to know that there's people in Morocco worship Mohammad VI and kissing the ground he walks on and i assure you there's lots of videos online for that.


I don't wanna be in a country where i'm not safe to talk about what i believe in or express myself! I don't wanna be in a country where if i speak the truth I'll be imprisoned for the rest of my life and i promise you this i'll never see the light again.

As i look back in time and i see my life completely changed the past few years i become a happy person dancing on the rhythm of music and it's harmony, I literally feel anything i touch now! Plants, Rocks, Water knowing that im a part of it. But unfortunately if i shared my thoughts and what i have discovered or what i know i would end up in prison and my life worth alot more to just risk it! I only got one life and i wanna spend it well and somewhere where i'll be more appreciated and respected.

Why i would like to leave Morocco and never come back? Here's just a few reasons of MANY!

1- Being an atheist in Morocco is harder than you think! It's worse than Saudi Arabia and the rest of Muslim countries! The more you talk about it the more hate grows and you'll never see it coming! You'll be dead before you know it. Who did it? No one knows and your case would be closed in no time.

2- Being with someone you care or love! Try and hold someone's else hand in public! In this case let's talk about girls! If you try and hold a girl's hand in public, All eyes and attention would be towards you and you'll be a target and the next thing you know or see is the cops picking you and her up asking you if you are married. If not you are screwed! It's either you marry her or either you pay to get your way out of jail "Works in most cases." "Bail"

3- If you eat publicly in Ramadan You are going to be imprisoned for 7 months or more due to their article 222 of the Moroccan criminal code!

4- The way you dress! I know this might sounds weird to some of you but it's true! If you dress or wear something unusual in Morocco you gonna be picked up for questions. I once got stopped by the cops on my way home asking me why im wearing a t-shirt of a half naked girl "covering her breasts of course" but still! They told me to cover that sh**t and never wear it in public again! Who are you dude to decided what i wear? Of course i played it cool if i didn't i wouldn't be here talking to you now!

5- You are not allowed to question your religion or criticize it unless you are non-Moroccan. in this case you'll end getting kicked out of the country and you are not allowed to enter it again. You lucky little bastard :-)

6- Government bulling literally every citizen! You have a piece a paper you need to get sort out for a project or something you working on? Don't be sure you'll get in in the first or the second week! It might go up to months and even years. UNLESS you have money to bribe the companies or the government to do it quickly!

7- There's no safety as you could get easily injured and killed. Kids with Knifes, Swords, Machete running on the streets robbing people and leaving them with scars that hunts them for the rest of their lives. The cops wouldn't get there unless there's blood! YES. I did once called them about someone's holding a machete and threatening people in the area and the first thing i heard him saying is "CALL US WHEN THERE'S BLOOD IF NOT DON'T CALL US AGAIN" Are you fu**ing kidding me?.

8- If you having friends over to hangout for a night! I assure you that if you get busted you are totally SCREWED. You could get up to 1 year in prison due to 490 of the Moroccan criminal code which consider it to be prostitution even if you were just hanging out! So basically you cannot have fun or hangout with someone else unless you are married! Duh!!

9- The highest salary in Morocco for employees is $545 a month and the lowest is $163!!!!!!! YEP. and the Fu**ed up part is that you have to work your ass all day along, unless it's a a company that pays per hour but it's not that good. and there's limited companies that pays per hour.

10- Try and talk about your rights or criticize the government or the king and i promise you one thing. It's either Death or Prison for the rest of your counted days.

This is just 10 reasons of many why i would want to leave Morocco and never come back again! I would like to live a life where i feel safe and secure not that i'll be 100% safe and secure because anything can happen if you get yourself involved in others business.

My only problem is that i know if i applied for the visa i would get denied. The only thing i can do right now is travel to countries that allows Moroccans to go to and most of those countries are Muslim countries! OUCH!!

Every time i turn my head around all i see is a wall and nothing to hold of or climb! I had been suggested to get married but im still young to get married to someone i don't love just to get out of the country!! Or pay someone to take you to Europe which in this case you'll end up being thrown away to sharks in the sea if something goes wrong!!

I have been to 6 countries in Asia and 2 countries in Europe that is open visa for Moroccans. I have the abilities to travel to any country i want but not really! Im limited where i go to and i feel like im surrounded by wolfs in a circle that is taking advantage of every step i take.

Currently not having any interaction with anyone except my family which I did tell and they understand but their not really happy about it! Im a very sensitive person when it comes to this things! I don't hold back on truth and what i know! I say the truth no matter what it is and no matter what are the consequences. but lately i have been taking it slow for my safety.

Tried to apply for visa once in a European country that was 5 years ago and i provided them with a round trip ticket and my bank statement, hotel reservation fully paid for 2 weeks and got denied for not providing them with enough evidence that i would return back to Morocco.

Back then i had no attention of saying!! but they asked me to provide them with a solid proof, such as being married or having houses and cars or a job that pays me at least $2000 a month which i called the Embassy and they explained to me the reason why!

The funny part from all of this! I know a girl her father is a cop, She applied the same day as i did and we kept in touch and she was granted schengen visa for 3 months! She is a student and she doesn't work or either paid any of her trip expenses. Are you for real?! YEP.

Im currently looking to travel without visa from another country that is not Morocco than travel to one of the following countries and ask for Asylum at the airport.

1- Canada
2- United States
3- Norway
4- Switzerland
5- Australia

My only concern is that i don't know if it's possible to travel without visa from the airport and once i enter one of those countries i ask them for Asylum because i have never done that or had no attention of doing it but i have no choice!!

Would appreciate some advice because im counting the seconds not just the days to leave this country and never come back.

Looking forward to hearing back from you all




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Click on the Resources button

Click on the Resources button..then look under the headings pleanty of help there.

If you are a graduate student and want to work and study in Australia contact the embassy or look online for opportunities. If you have skills Australia has a skilled migrant intake every year. Same polace for information.

Turn up without a visa? You will be put on the first plane back to Morocco as it is not on the list of 'dangerous' countries.

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And don't come by boat. NEVER

And don't come by boat. NEVER come by boat.

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I did not know Morocco was

I did not know Morocco was that bad. I can understand your desire based on your list to want to get out. I do remember reading when I was looking at solar eclipse chasing (totality) in the far future (2027 I believe) that Morocco currently is not considered a safe place to watch the totality solar eclipse.

If you already have the wherewithal to have an internet connection, have vpn/tunneling services, and able to write english at a fairly high level, you have at least some advantages in your fight to seek asylum in another country. I imagine the resources link on this page and available on the web are better than my own advice, but:

You are still fairly young and seem to be able to read and write english at a fairly high level, you may be able to get student visa instead of starting with the seeking asylum route. If you already have a solid education, you may be able to seek a work visa. Especially if you have an education in STEM fields.

If you are willing to work very hard and have some construction experience/skills, you may be able to get a work permit in other nearby countries that have night school you can attend, so you can get that STEM degree, (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) But be forewarned especially in that part of the world, work permit jobs for people are often lousy pay (but will still be more than $163 dollars US a month!) With miserable and quite possibly dangerous work conditions. It would not be an easy route, but is a route.

There are now global online universities, where you can get a majority or all your credits for a widely accepted degree via taking proctored exams. While still expensive, they are still far, FAR! cheaper than traditional schooling. You just have to be able to self learn and have good memorization skills.

A very tough road to be sure, but one possible escape.

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@OLD MAN SHOUTS AT CLOUDS Trust me i tried to apply for Australian visa online as they have no embassay in Morocco and they sent my application to the Egyptian embassy. WORSE! She called me like 10 minutes for the interview as i was about to aboard to my flight to Singapore and i ended up being yelled at by the flight attendant to turn the phone off which i told her not a good time but she kept insisting on talking to me. She didn't schedule the call or emailed me about calling she just picked up the phone and called. the next thing i know i got my request denied! I had no choice. Told her she'd have to call me back as im about to aboard and i don't wanna miss my flight. I didn't hang up she did!

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@LogicForTW I appreciate the

@LogicForTW You should probably read Moroccan news. It's pretty Fu***d UP here.

I appreciate the advice i really do! Unfortunately if there's one thing i know now and the only way out of this chaos is to get someone to hire me to work for or get married which is out as an option or my case needs to be backed up with evidences that my life is indeed in danger which is but i can't prove it here in Morocco for one simple reason. They would never let you do that. sure you can prove a few small evidence but bigger ones would just get you in trouble more which you would not get your way out of it.

I have the funds! I have the knowledge and i have the language and i would like to travel just as a tourist but i can't do that because the ones that grant you visa are Moroccans not the opposite!

For instance, If you apply for Canadian visa here in Morocco the day of the interview you would be interviewed by a Moroccan born and raised! The next thing you know is the doors of the embassy being slammed in your face for not being able to cover all the expenses. And when you do have the funds to cover all your trip expenses they would come up with a different excuse to bury you down the ground.

I have literally tried everything! All im asking is that i need my freedom out of this country. But i guess it's too much to ask for UNFORTUNATELY.

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Yikes that is pretty crazy

Yikes that is pretty crazy that you can only work with local Moroccans to get a visa to a DIFFERENT country. I am at a loss, you said you have traveled to other countries. Perhaps you can travel to a different country that Morocco will allow you to travel to, and visit the embassy at that different country for the country you ultimately would like to get a visa at.

Keep using your vpn/tunneling service and continue to scour the net for solutions is all I can say to you. Wish I was more knowledgeable in this area. And continue to be vigilant of criminal element that may try to take advantage of your situation.

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@LogicForTW This is what i

@LogicForTW This is what i was going to do exactly in the next few days go to a country and apply for the visa from there but there's only one problem that worries me! in case i get denied i might never enter that country. From what i heard is that you need to apply for the visa from your home country but then again im an atheist living in the most religious country in the world. I hope they take my opinion as a matter fact of the dangerous i would put in if i went back there.

Whoever says All roads lead to Rome is a lair, LOL.

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Good luck and best wishes,

Good luck and best wishes, Supernova. The only other thing I can offer you is my thanks for educating me about Morocco. I'm Australian, too and Old Man covered it pretty well. If I hear or think of anything, I'll get back to you.

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@Sushisnake I really do

@Sushisnake I really do appreciate it friend! You have no idea what it's like to live with Muslims here. Sure they will show you nothing but kindness and when they earn your trust they will stab you right in the back where you can never get up or recover from it.

I learned the hard way as i come from an environment that is pretty much Fu***d UP and if you are not a lion among them you'll be eaten to death.

Lived my life protecting myself and my family and earned everyone's respect around here. But you can't trust anyone in matters like this. I choose to live my life on my own terms. But unfortunately i see that there's nothing but pain in Arab countries which i don't want to be a part of it.

You'll be surprised to know that even if you had $100K sitting in your bank account you would never get a visa. Why? Because they would know if you go somewhere else with that money you'll spend all there and they rather having you spent the money within Morocco than the other countries.

It's all a plan by the government to keep the cash flowing in.

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Hiya Supernova!

Hiya Supernova!

I wish I could help or offer some advice other then what has been mentioned...

But I wish you luck in your journey.

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Hey Buddy, I appreciate the

Hey Buddy, I appreciate the support :-)

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As promised here's a video of

As promised here's a video of the king of Morocco Muhammad VI and his followers.

You gotta watch it! Don't wanna spoil the surprise for you all.

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Here's another video from

Here's another video from last year.

I'm so disgusted right now! UGH!!!!

If you try to criticize the government or the king you'll be prosecuted!

How is this not on the list of dangerous countries?

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hello dear supernova, my case

hello dear supernova, my case is worse than yours, im poor and living under worse circumstances, i want to ask you to keep us updated about your case and i would like you to advice me on how can i get out of this country

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Of course I believe in being

Of course I believe in being innocent until proven guilty, but my gut is telling me this guy is a scam. Once he gets your trust, he will ask you to wire him some money. Classic.

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