New Year's Resolutions?

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New Year's Resolutions?

I don't know why January 1st is different from any other day for trying to improve oneself, but culture has added that burden to a day frequently filled with sleepy people recovering from a hangover.

Last January 1, I resolved to try to be less hypocritical in 2017. In some ways I succeeded, in others, there is still work to be done, so I will renew that resolution for 2018.

Anybody else have any resolutions they would like to share?

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January 1 for me really is no

January 1 for me really is no different from the rest of the days of the calendar year.

Maybe it's because I don't drink or smoke, and I woke up this first day of the year feeling rested and refreshed, or maybe because I don't care for a tinker's cuss for a lot repetitive meaningless calendular observances, but mainly I think it's a bit masochistic to put pressure on oneself just because the earth has circled the sun once, which smacks of a paganistic religious-lite observance.
I prefer to wait for some relevant situation, issue, incident or revelation (personal, not divine) before I bother myself modifying my behaviour, habits or thought processes.

Or maybe I can resolve not to be such a grumpy old curmudgeon this year....nahhh! bugger that.
HNY and all that stuff to all.

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I made a bunch of New Year

I made a bunch of New Year resolutions.

It's now 7:30 am on New Year's Day here in Eastern Australia, and I've already broken them all, except the one about cognac, which I plan to break this evening.

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Well, good morning, 6am here

Well, good morning, 6am here in Western Australia and I resolve to...nah bugger that.

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I signed up for this group

I signed up for this group doing a competition to walk across the United States metaphorically speaking. So I have to count my steps starting tomorrow.

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@John 61X Breezy: "walk

@John 61X Breezy: "walk across the United States "

I walked across Australia and back in just over two years a few years back. I did two hours a day before breakfast along the same stretch of beach every morning. Good luck with your competition.

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I resolve to eat more fried

I resolve to eat more fried food, drink more alcohol and to sleep later in the morning.

If you' re insistent on establishing goals, go with your strengths.


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Last year I made a resolution

Last year I made a resolution to never make any more New Year resolutions. This year I plan to make the same resolution.

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I resolve to eat fewer babies

I resolve to eat fewer babies...

... With that darn hot sauce, it messes up your guts after a while.

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I don't do New Year's

I don't do New Year's resolutions. They're a one way road to failure and self-disgust. "This year, I'm going to exercise more, eat less and lose five pounds." Yeah right. No you won't.

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To live another year...

To live another year...

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May you live many.

May you live many and in better health.

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I'm very fond of my

I'm very fond of my resolution, since for the last 23 years, every single year, it's been the same one: to quit smoking (and that of the babies hehe).

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I am going to see a

I am going to see a podiatrist, as my plantar fascia in my right foot has been causing me pain now for over a month, and it's not responding to a regime of stretching my calves, and massaging it with a frozen bottle of water. I can't even contemplate training again until my plantar fasciitis is cured.

Beyond that I don't really make resolutions for the new year, as like others here I attach no special significance to this date, but I sometimes take stock and consider small lifestyle changes, so there will likely be a little more stretching and meditation in my future, and a little less drinking. Though the last change will be easy at first as I always drink a lot more over the holiday, and last night would invoke a bollocking from my GP if she knew what I'd put away, but if a job's worth doing... ;-)

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Sheldon, I suffered plantar

Sheldon, I suffered plantar fascia In my right foot last year. It subsided and hopefully wont come back. Damned painful in the morning and after a long commute in the car. I think all illnesses are idiosympathetic but my recovery came after I kept stretching, I don't drink alcohol anyway, and I bought new comfortable workboots and insoles for my other shoes. It took a few months but diligence paid off.
You can get rid of it. Persevere. Embrace the pain.
As Spike Milligan said "Keep moving or you will turn into furniture."

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Resolutions, resolutions....!

Resolutions, resolutions....!
I don't make them. People start them on 1 January because it is a natural starting point. For me, I decide to change something about myself and I just do it. I never have a specific starting point, but then again I don't keep a record of my progress. I resolved that I would stop eating pork. My reason was for me to eat pork I have to eat it in a way that has far too much cholesterol. I have decided to cut down on bread and red meat as well. I am cutting WAY back on dairy. Now I am not increasing my exercise habit because I exercise a great deal as it is. I might change the type of exercise but not the amount.
I intend to curse a great deal more. I like that it is so offensive to hypocrites. "FUCK" seems the ultimate term and therefore I intend to weave it in wherever I can. So no I don't have a fucking resolution, nor will I use fucking 1 January as a starting point for any fucking intended changes. I will just make the fucking changes when and where I see fucking fit to fucking do so.
I see people that make "resolutions" as weak, lacking self-discipline. they need a crutch or an aide to accomplish things. That may sound cynical, but if you really think about it, it's the truth.
Just recently I had a conversation with a B-ball buddy, that told me that he resolved to be a better christian. Can you fucking believe that?! I guess I'd better get ready for a small localized crusade in the near fucking future. I told him "good fucking luck"!

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mykcob4, I don't even know

mykcob4, I don't even know what a "better christian" is. Shit is shit or fuckin' shit is fuckin' shit!

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I have to agree with that

I have to agree with that Koukla!

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@Koukla and Myk

@Koukla and Myk

A "BETTER Christian"??? Hell, I'm still trying to simply figure out exactly what a TRUE Christian is! From what I have noticed so far, seems like every single one - (Oh, excuse me.... every single fucking one...) - I have seen or heard is quick to claim, "I am a true Christian, but all those others you talk about and talk to are NOT, because THEY do not tell you the right stuff about the TRUE God with whom I happen to have a personal relationship." Would be great if they would all get together somewhere and reach some sort of consensus or something. *grin*....*snicker*...... *ha-ha*..... *bwaaa-haa-haaa*.... Bwaaaaa-haaaaa-haaaaaa..... Sorry. couldn't keep a straight face on that last remark. (Dammit.... I meant, "...last fucking remark.")

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Well I would say that a true

Well I would say that a true Christian is one that believes the creeds about the life death burial and resurrection of jesus Christ. basic Christianity is rather simple it goes something like this love God with all your mind soul strength and love your neighbor as yourself. to show kindness and be generous and most of all loving. that is the hallmark characteristics of a Christian.To practice the virtues and the gifts of the spirit that is cited in Galatians chapter 5.

Tin-Man's picture

*sniff-sniff-sniff*..... Anybody else smell that?:... *sniff-sniff*.... Smells familiar somehow.... *sniff-sniff*.... Hmmm.... *sniff*.... Oh! Got it! It's a TROLL! *gag* Could somebody please open a window and let it air out in here a bit?

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First of all AG, you have

First of all AG, you have missed the mark far wide of what orthodox and traditional christianity is all about. All christianity is is the acceptance that jesus was the son of a god, and that he died and was resurrected (absolutely no evidence that that ever happened), and the only way to obtain "eternal life" is to be baptized!
Nothing about "love", only obedience and fear of god. Your personal behavior has nothing and I mean NOTHING to do with a life eternal. But again, you proselytize citing scripture from YOUR fucking version of a bible.
I have had many conversations with theologians from the Harvard Divinity School and the TCU Seminary. The ALL have told me what I have told you. Oh, and BTW the life, death, burial, and resurrection of jesus are NOT creeds. They are false events.

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@Agnostic believer: "to show

@Agnostic believer: "to show kindness and be generous and most of all loving. that is the hallmark characteristics of a Christian."

The Christian churches, especially the Catholic church, fall far short of that ideal. Worst of all are the priests, bishops, cardinals, etc., who are supposedly the greatest experts on Jesus and his teachings.

See my thread entitled "You're a lousy father, father." What kind of man turns his back on his own suffering child? A priest.

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For all the bozos I've met

For all the bozos I've met who claim to be "real" or "true" xtians and claim they have a personal relationship with Jebus -- not one can tell me what Jebuses favorite movie, book or band is, nor do they have the guy' s home address, or his phone number or e-mail addy.

Sort of reminds me of the dork American teenage boy in high school who had a gorgeous girlfriend - who mysteriously lived in Canada.

Uh huh.


Intense personal relationship.

Seems legit to me.

(/ sarcasm)

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I resolve to try to read a

I resolve to try to read a 'flat earth' posts online without pissing myself laughing and referring to them as flattards or retards.

This will be quite the tough job!

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