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"How can something come from

"How can something come from nothing?" The honest answer is we don't know, and the chances of finding out are infinitesimal as we do not and will never have an example of "nothing" to study to find out. However just because we don't know, is in no way, proof in itself, the existence of God. A favourite trick the faith like to pull is because something isn't known then this proves that God exists.

The ancient Greeks didn't know what the Sun was, where the wind came from or what made the waves of the sea crash, so they invented Gods for of these thi gs and more. Today we know what these are.

Once you realise the purpose that God fulfils, a knowledge-gap-filler, then you realise that by writing the unexplained off on a mythical omnipotent being stalls the pursuit of knowledge.

So just to reiterate, just because science cannot provide the all the answers, that doesn't theists the right to answer in authority.

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Theists be like:

Theists be like:
Q where does the sun go at night?
A we don't know lets invent an answer involving magic by a giant daddy figure & call it god

Then we learn where the sun goes to such a point only lunatics would argue so theists be like:
Q how did the universe begin in not made by our giant daddy?
A your lack of knowledge or understanding others knowledge only proves you're ignorant & deceitful

if you don't know just say so
if you don't understand just ask

making up other peoples position by projecting your thoughts & doing a strawman is just pride mixed with hatred & proves you don't want to know anything except an echo of your own thoughts.
why come here other than pride if all you do is try to fake our position & assume our knowledge = pride!!


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