Sayings, do they really amount to anything?

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Sayings, do they really amount to anything?

People are superstitious. Who knows if it is natural or a product of evolution on curiosity and exploration. In modern times this phenomenon has manifested into weird and unreasonable superstitions. Some are urban legends, some conspiracy theories, religion, folklore and old wives tales. I would like to focus on "sayings" that people actually believe to be true but have no basis in fact.
One I particularly abhor is the saying and belief that

"what comes around, goes around".

For some reason, people actually, believe that this is a fact. They think that all things even out and there is a natural justice in the world. If there were an actual justice in the world at some point the disadvantaged would get a break....all of them not just a meager few.

So do you have any sayings, legends, that is widely accepted but has no basis in proof or fact?

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One that I personally hate is

One that I personally hate is "God helps those who help themselves." I take it to mean that if you work hard, nothing is out of reach, and if you are in need, it means you're not working hard enough.

I totally believe that people should work hard and not expect handouts if they simply choose to be lazy. However, working hard will not always get you to where you want to be, and sometimes a little help is required. The welfare system is a perfect example of this. I think it's great in the case of a single mom who is really working hard to provide for her kids, but for whatever reason, just can't make ends meet. Nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, that's not how the program is used anymore, but that's another rant.

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Everything happens for a

Everything happens for a reason.

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Yep, I hate that one as well.

Yep, I hate that one as well. The only "reason" that things happen is because people make them happen.

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The devil makes work for idle

The devil makes work for idle hands, whereas god works in mysterious ways.

Worst of all, god is on our side, or as the Germans said in the very same wars, Gott mit uns.

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"In God we trust" and "One

"In God we trust" and "One nation under God" sound a bit "crazy-old-German"...

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You'll get used to it.

You'll get used to it.

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"Everyone is special in some

"Everyone is special in some way"
No.I know its sad but some people are just miserable.
About the one you mentioned in the OP,
"what goes around, comes around" is actually kinda true, not in some supernatural sense, but in the sense that if you have been a dick your whole life, there is no reason why people wouldn't do the same to you.

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What goes around comes around

What goes around comes around is a truth based simply on it's repetitive observance as a normal behavioral trait of man. In another guise - you reap what you sow - better states the sentiment. Another - you wash my back and I'll wash yours - is the same thing. The original hints at both good and bad aspects of life going and coming while it's understood in others that good should be a shared thing and bad is when it doesn't. These are different ways of observing the mutual cooperation that benefits society and, post facto, have been put into expressions of universal application. There's not a superstitious trace in any of them.

People coin mantras and expressions about life as they see them and live them, not conjure them. Because they are empirical, repetitive and such a daily part of life they naturally acquire verbal notoriety.

The one I've managed to abide and act upon more than any other is - If a man has to ask for help it's too late to volunteer. I neither ask for help nor accept it because I'm a recluse, and most anything I undertake I do so with a plan and procedure that will cost only one person's involvement. But, I will volunteer help when in my own meager judgement I think it's needed. So far, so good, but I know someone will have to get involved one day to dispose of my corpse, which I've already planned.

The riddles of life, gathered into words and passed down through the generations, are real life sourced. If one wants to read a volume of them I suggest reading Grimms Fairy Tales. These are not nursery rhymes. These are real life encounters captured in verse.

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"A bird in hand is better

"A bird in hand is better than two in the bush"

I think this one is useful.

"Dance with the one you came with"

Has many applications as well.

"A little faith goes a long way"

..... nah...

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Other people go through this

Other people go through this every day.

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"Step on a crack, break yo

"Step on a crack, break yo mama's back."

When it didn't work that's when I realized there is no god and religion is a lie.

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