Why don’t some atheists acknowledge Gods existence is reasonable?

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Is it possible there is

Is it possible there is information about the existence of god that you don’t yet possess?

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What information do you have that a god is real? Then you have to determine which god it is that humans worship.

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@AJ777 I think I have quite

@AJ777 I think I have quite sufficient already, thank you.

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So one could say that your

So one could say that your mind is closed to new information about Gods possible existence?

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That depends on how you define 'information'.

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I watched the first 15

I watched the first 15 minutes of that video just to humor the OP, but this guy is so full of shit, hyping his book and TV show and trying to make jokes to be cool while he spouts emotional ploys, that I gave up. He did not say anything in the time I watched that I can call a meaningful fact. If he can't start speaking truth in 15 minutes, screw that, I'm not sitting through another agonizing minute of bullshit.

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My girlfriend believes in God

My girlfriend believes in God, and I wouldn't subject her to that crap in the video, simply because I know she would immediately tell me to turn it off and that this guy is full of it. She sees through bullshit very quickly. I've watched her reaction to preachers like this (and they're all the same) enough to know how she will respond. Wisely.

I'm with her. No BS. Don't try to spin your lies, just get to your point and speak the truth.

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@Jeffery Paul Bradt

@Jeffery Paul Bradt

You won't get any truth or honesty from the theists who post on this website. They lie in their teeth so much it's wonder they don't rot in their mouths. You're right to trust your girlfriend - girls are better than boys at seeing through bullshit. How often do you see a female theist here?

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Fucking AJ777 calling

Fucking AJ777 calling atheists dishonest when his own video is about as dishonest as it gets.
There is NO fucking evidence of a god in that video, none, nada.
And YOU don't want to use the standard of acceptable evidence in a court of law. The god theory fails and falls way short of what is acceptable.
No atheist has a "closed mind". Demanding real proof is not close-minded, it's logical.

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Oh my WORD this guy is full

Oh my WORD this guy is full of shit!
1. He denigrates EDUCATION! Fuck what a turd. That is how he starts off. From there he goes downhill fast.
An hour and a half of utter rubbish and bullshit. He NEVER and I mean NEVER proves a god, not even once. And YOU AJ777 have the unmitigated gall to call atheists dishonest. SHAME on you!
Fucking ridiculous!
I am so sick and tired of theist posting YouTube videos of utter bullshit and claiming that it is something "new" that proves their god.
This fucking idiot in the video actually tells his friend that he should teach his daughter to be an "apologist." That is the epitome of spinning the truth to fit a false narrative!
That proves that this idiot is a liar, he actually wants all christians to learn to be FUCKING LIARS!
Have you noticed, that none of these fucking people that have supposedly discovered proof of a god actually do ANY FUCKING WORK? They don't present new evidence. They don't do research. All they fucking do is sit around in their underwear and devise different ways to spin shit!
That is ALL this fucking gas big did and morons like AJ777 lap it up!
AJ777 you decided to call all of us on this forum "dishonest". You are nothing but a brainwashed moronic liar if ever I saw one. You either present REAL evidence or shut the fuck up asshole.
You have evaded questions by Burnyourbible. You have tried to evade me by pretending not to know what evidence is. With what you have presented here in this video is evidence that you are brainwashed, close-minded, and programmed to be nothing more than an "apologist" which is to say a FUCKING LIAR!

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It seems to me mykob that you

It seems to me mykob that you’re saying it’s wrong to denegrate someone as you denegrate me. That it’s wrong for a Christian to defend their beliefs as you defend your beliefs. Are you not an atheist apologist. Where is your evidence for the non-existence of God. How can you call him a liar if he really believes what he is saying he is just wrong. I don’t believe you are lying about your beliefs, I just think you’re wrong. Who is brainwashed or not thinking clearly? What evidence would you accept for the existence of God?

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No moron AJ777, you

No moron AJ777, you completely missed it! Fuck what a moron. I am NOT an apologist, idiot! I don't spin the truth to fit a narrative.
I don't have to PROVE that a god doesn't exist goofball, any more than I have to prove that a 10 billion square mile pink elephant hides behind the sun. I didn't make up god. I don't have to prove a god doesn't exist!
Your turd in the video is PROPOSING lying as a viable tactic. That is the proof that he is a liar!
You've asked this before but hid from actually doing it. "What evidence would you accept for the existence of God?" I've told you the answer to this question, now either do it or shut the fuck up you lying asshole!

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"Where is your evidence for

"Where is your evidence for the non-existence of God."

The inability of anyone to demonstrate any evidence for the claim is a good start, the logically fallacious arguments presented by apologists would be another. Though of course the question is absurd, you can't and don't need to 'evidence' the non-existence of something. Could you demonstrate your evidence for the non-existence of Ganesha, or Vishnu, without resorting to unevidenced counter claims for the supernatural?

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Mykob, are you not defending

Mykob, are you not defending your belief that there is no God? Or are you saying you don’t know if God exists. It doesn’t seem like any amount of evidence would be sufficient for you to consider theism a reasonable worldview. There seems to be an emotional component to your atheism. You seem to be saying that it’s absolutely true God doesn’t exist, and I’m mad at him because he is immoral.

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@aj777 I would say that there

@aj777 I would say that there could be A god. but your god (christian version) has not met his burden of proof...

Also i do not feel Mykcob is being emotional towards a fictional character I feel like he is angry because your so called proof teaches people to lie in order to convince weak minded people.

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It's just like you to get it completely wrong. I am not mad at a god. I don't think that there is a god, but you profess that I am mad at a fictional character. How stupid of you!
Your own video proved just how there is no evidence to prove a god so it elicits YOU to lie.

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Do you believe that a god is real? What evidence do you have a god is real? Can you prove that your one is the real god?


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"Mykob, are you not defending

"Mykob, are you not defending your belief that there is no God?"

Rejecting a belief is not a counter belief, that's absurd. Are you saying you hold a belief in your version of your chosen God, and then separate beliefs for every deity you disbelieve?

"It doesn’t seem like any amount of evidence would be sufficient for you to consider theism a reasonable worldview."

Can you demonstrate any?

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My apologies for my original impression of you. I can see now why you get so pissed off.

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No worries Keith. You live in

No worries Keith. You live in the UK where people are basically EDUCATED. I live in the USA where people are "educated" by pop-culture. You can get an excellent education in the US, but you have to work at it. You have to make it a priority and block out the rhetorical bullshit. Yes, I am blunt, but I am not really angry. It is the only way to deal with these morons. It's the only thing that they understand. You can't reason with them because they don't know what reason is. I say "fuck" a lot because it makes them wake up and take notice. They live off of shock value. Hence Rush Limbaugh's popularity...undeserved.

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First comment on the forum

First comment on the forum and I'll confess I didn't watch the video but isn't what has happened above evidence of the deep misunderstanding of both sides of the argument. Atheists talk about burden of proof and then, in the main they abdicate responsibility to prove their position. I don't care what your position is if you want me to believe it then you do have a burden of proof. If you're passively expressing opinion without any intended attempt to convert or engage in dialogue then of course you don't have to prove anything but since we're all engaging in a forum designed to provoke discussion I'd suggest a position of denying there's a god does carry a burden of proof.

Which then leads me onto the other side of the argument which is even more ridiculous. Believers also have a burden of proof, in some ways more so then atheists do, but picking bible verses, pointing to hokey science, utilising isolated, out of context quotes as proof is hysterical. The fact that someone can offer up scripture as proof of god to convince those that don't believe in god is quite unbelievable.

The truth of the matter is neither side can adequately claim to be right. It is entirely possible that there is a God, it is equally possible that there isn't. We can debate all night about the Islamic or the Judeo-Christian interpretation of God and I'm pretty confident that it can be demonstrated that the texts that provide our understanding are in themselves questionable at best and outright dangerous at worst but does that automatically preclude the existence of a God? We can debate whether god is passive or active, whether it is benevolent or vengeful and we can hope to reach a common conclusion based on what we can prove. This is the main issue at stake, a complete lack of acceptance (generalisation) from both sides that it is impossible to know for certain and that based on our current understanding a completely justified conclusion beyond reasonable contestation either way is impossible.

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Benjboi: "if you want me to

Benjboi: "if you want me to believe it"

I really don't care what you believe or disbelieve as far as religion is concerned. As far as I'm concerned it's all superstition propagated through smoke, and mirrors.

What concerns me most is all the harm that religions have caused in the world throughout human history. Religions in general, and Christianity in particular, have left a bloody stain of death, pain, and horror spanning centuries and continents, right down to the present day. Religious superstition has fought tooth and claw against advancement in science, technology, medicine, freedom, and human rights. That's still happening, though Christianity has currently passed the baton in the misery relay race to its partner, Islam.

Do you agree with that assessment?

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Algebra: You misunderstand

Algebra: You misunderstand what I'm saying, when I said "if you want me to believe it". I'm simply saying if an Atheist asks a believer to prove Gods existence (a typical line of questioning by Atheists usually used to draw out silly old evangelical nutters from their caves so they can be made to look ridiculous) then they cannot get precious and refuse to engage whilst hiding behind something like burden of proof if the same is asked of them.

I do love a good fight algebra but I'm afraid your second paragraph assessment of religion is pretty much perfect so I'm going ot have to doff my cap and back down from confrontation on that one. I'd only add that it's not really the religion but the person that commits the oppression using religion as a front for their own bigotry. However since most religions seem to make the case for god, the church and the individual being one inseparable being it's a very hard sell to try to absolve religion of it's past present and future atrocities under something as lazy as abdication of responsibility.

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@Benjboi "engage whilst

@Benjboi "engage whilst hiding behind something like burden of proof"

Only someone who needs to prove something shoulders a burden of proof. The various Christians who come to this forum seek to convince atheists that their religions are true, so they carry the burden of proof. As an atheist, I literally have nothing to prove.

"it's not really the religion but the person that commits the oppression using religion"

In response to that I'd say that a religion is a barrel of gunpowder, a hand-grenade, a nuclear weapon. Good people would never unleash that power, but the innate potential for evil will always be there, and it will be irresistable to a certain type of people. And then, inevitably, you'll have a grand inquisitor or an Islamist terrorist.

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Hi, @Benjboi, and welcome to

Hi, @Benjboi, and welcome to the forum. In orden to explain why atheists refuse to take responsability for the burden of proof, please, let me use a short tale to illustrate my point of view on why Mykcob lost his temper and, luckily, it'll get you another perspective. Most of you may be familiar with the plot. Sorry for the length.

One night, after a couple of beers, a friend of yours confesses you that his great-great-grandfather P. didn't spend time in a woman's wound: P. was carved in wood; one night, he became alive and, eventually, changed his wood for flesh and blood.

He shows you some Youtube videos, in which people claim this to be true, that they're able to feel and listen His saviour in their hearts.

Some people even quote Collodi's (their only true prophet) words-taken out of an ancient book, read and believed by millions- as proof, and non-believers are considered angry idiotic people, who refuse to see the truth millions already share; the book saying Lord P. performed the miracle of stretching his nose out should be consider evidence for His divine origin, and it' is good enough as proof of existence as well.

You reply your friend that none of this supports P. was real, needless to say divine. He argues that the story of P. changed his life for the best and gave him a purpose in life, and you need to believe this story, and follow their creed, unless you want to go to hell (literally).

And then, he tells you the burden of proof is ON YOU.


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Thanks Angiebot, I think

Thanks Angiebot, I think perhaps my point got lost and maybe that's my fault. To be fair it was past midnight here (in the UK) when I started commenting and through the mental fog that accumulates at that time I didn't even really consider that context is important when making the argument, I was arguing the point that the very act of trying to debate is in itself to adopt a position and to justify it with evidence, in this sense if you engage in debate with a theist as to the existence of God you are obliged by the very nature of debating to justify your position with evidence.

You all (I'm using the royal you here) took it to mean that you have to prove your position in a global sense as in because you believe in something you're obliged to prove it whether challenged or not. This is of course abject nonsense. If some religious bigot or anyone else for that matter tells you that you have to prove your beliefs 'because they're my beliefs now f*ck off' is a perfectly acceptable position to adopt. You're saying I don't want to engage with you and I'd argue it's a far more logical response if ever asked to prove there's no God, or prove there is a God for that matter because it's a concept entirely devoid of evidence on either side.

I believe in God, or I don't believe in God are both perfectly OK positions to adopt. The mistake most atheists make it seems to me is allowing themselves to be goaded into discussion on the matter in the first place. I've been butting heads with Mykcob earlier on a point of semantics, but I hope he'll forgive me in pointing out from the casual observer point of view he behaves like he wants to engage in discussion but then starts from a point of ridicule and doesn't progress beyond that. This is was odd behaviour to me last night, waking up this morning and seeing his post about being an Atheist in the US, I'm entirely sympathetic to why he's like that, I'm quite sure I'd be exactly the same in his position.

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@Benjboi, my Pinnochio tale

@Benjboi, my Pinnochio tale was simply meant to point out that the burden of proof should lay on who claims an untestable omnipresent- omnipotent-omniscient invisible entity who controls each one of us, regardless this belief is shared by millions, such as the Abrahamic God.

I can tell why so-called proofs aren't good enough for me; what made me become skeptical, and eventually, atheist; why I think religions are hosted by evil institutions which take advantage of people's natural confidence on figures of authority's worldview; why I think religion should be out of schools... But don't ask me to prove a negative, because I'm not a goddess.

I believe in God, or I don't believe in God are both perfectly OK positions to adopt. I wouldn't called them both "perfectly ok positions", but "possible" and I think you're being simplistic, since this is not a dichotomy, but an spectrum instead: There are people who are completely sure of God's existence, and in the other extreme, others who are completely sure that a god doesn't exist. But in between lays the vast majority of people.

And I think @Mykcob has already given you a detailed -and reasonable- explanation for the way he usually engages in interaction with believers, so no further comments.

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If God doesn’t exist there’s

If God doesn’t exist there’s no such thing as real harm, misery, or any other description of evil.

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so god created Harm, misery,

so god created Harm, misery, and evil?

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Atheists didn't make up a god so there is NO reason to disprove a god. Don't shirk responsibility based on ill-fated logic.
There is a possibility of unicorns and the tooth fairy, and Santa Claus. Your argument is childish and immature. If you want to "engage" in a MEANINGFUL discussion, you'll have to do better than that!


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