Links to help newcomers or anyone better understand the debate rooms

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Links to help newcomers or anyone better understand the debate rooms

Links to help newcomers or anyone better understand the debate rooms and atheists.

As someone who came here with two left feet, I have managed to stick both of them in my mouth and I hope these links will help you avoid that for many reasons.

I consider the following reason the most important
1) You will learn to understand, accept and respect atheists

I have come to appreciate atheists and the reasons why they have become so. This world has given them plenty of reasons and if you listen instead of taking things personally you will take home a lot of knowledge about them and yourself.

Please send the links that will be the most helpful and try not to repeat links that cover the same thing to avoid a list that may seem overwhelming. Let’s keep it as short as possible and add in the title to the link as well.

Thanks in advance to all the contributors.

I will start with one that came from David Killens

respecting beliefs | why we should do no such thing

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Nice! rmfr



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@In Spirit "respecting

@In Spirit "respecting beliefs" "why we should do no such thing."

Sorry, I missed something. Why is this in the Site Support section?

RE: Respecting Beliefs. Sorry guy, .... okay, the video kicked on. It was delayed. It says everything I was about to say. People can be respected. Idiotic belief systems that involve ritualistic cannibalism, magical incantations, and beliefs in Woo Woo ---- DO NOT!

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