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Logged on this morning. Was cruising the forums and all was well at first. Then when I tried changing threads at one point, my screen went blank for a moment, but then came back up on some strange looking log-in screen showing the attached logo and titled as "Pantheon Security" or some crap like that. Said I had to create a Pantheon account to continue. Well, naturally, I tried backing out of the screen. Wouldn't let me, though. So then I just closed everything and went back to AR log-in screen. Tried logging in, but it would not accept my password. Tried several times very slowly. Went to the new password request. Got the email and finally got back on the site. However, now there are several weeks of posts missing again. What happened???



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Hopefully something sketchy isn't still ongoing.

I just looked up "Pantheon Security", and yes, such a company does exist. It is amusing for an atheist website to have security by a company that means "temple of the gods".

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This sucks.

This sucks.

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Loss of posts means they do

Loss of posts means they do not know how to perform data backups.


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Phew. I couldn't log-in

Phew. I couldn't log-in just now. After the DDoS attack I changed my password but just now it wouldn't let me log in.

I tried my old password just in case the rollback had changed it back and sure enough, bingo, I'm back in again.

I hope things work better again now because I missed AR.

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