Atheist Republic News Summary: Crashing Cars Prove God, Pakistan Revenge

Mar 31 Summary

A mother trying to convince her children that God is real and will protect them, purposefully wrecked her car into a poll. The children said their mom told them to believe in Jesus, then closed her eyes. Thankfully, everyone was ok.

A Texas high schooler went missing back in January and has recently been found, safe. Her parents were abusing her, and poured hot oil on her, because she was refusing an arraigned marriage.

In southern France, a man claiming to work with the Islamic State was killed by police officers after taking hostages at a supermarket. He was already known to the police for petty crimes and was being watched by French Intelligence Services.

Atheist political commenter, S.E. Cupp, has said that Melania should divorce Trump over his affairs. She says she holds the same values as Christians and finds the president’s behavior worthy of divorce.

A new ice cream brand, Sweet Jesus, has been getting a lot of heat for their name as some are calling it blasphemous. The company says they will not bend to the bullying pressure.

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An Imam from Uzbekistan has suggested that women fantasizing about men other than their husbands while having sex produces gay babies. In his country, being gay is a punishable offense by law.

The Kenyan court has ruled that forcing men to undergo tests and examinations for suspected homosexuality is illegal. Humiliating examinations included rectal exams to determine if a man is having anal sex.

Singer Zuhall Olcay was sentenced to 10 months in prison for insulting Erdogan in a performance. The exact crime was changing lyrics to include his name while making an offensive hand gesture when his name was mentioned.

A teen was arrested for plotting to blow up NYC Times Square and the subway system. His family speaks out, accusing the FBI of setting him up.

Twelve people have been arrested for their inhuman scheme for justice. A woman was raped, so a rape was set up in retaliation with family members agreeing to it.

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