Atheist Republic News Summary:Ex-Miss Iraq Gets Death Threats, Priest Who W

1. Shimaa Qasim, a former Miss Iraq has received chilling death threats in a campaign suspected of targeting "Westernised" women. In a video clip, Qasim told her 2.7 million followers that women in the country are being "slaughtered like chickens" and branded Fares, the latest victim of violence targeting secular women living in Iraq, a martyr. Miss Fares had also spoken out against religious, tribal and political leaders.

2. In New Zealand, an anti-vaccination group's billboard went up and in less than 48 hours was taken down. The government's Advertising Standards Authority received 140 complaints about the billboard. The sign reads "If you knew the ingredients in a vaccine, would you RISK it?"

3. In New Mexico, the leader of a "paramilitary religious sect, Deborah Green, was sentenced to 72 years in prison. She was convicted in a child sex abuse case. She is called "the General" by her followers. The victim was kidnapped from Uganda as a baby, then abused and mistreated for years. She has had 11 surgeries to help fix broken bones. The victim asked for a maximum sentence, however, the judge gave Green 72 years for three counts of child rape, two counts of kidnapping and one count of child abuse. The girl from Uganda was not the only victim of the religious cult. It was found out that there were 11 children, including some as young as four, who were held against their will.

4. Keith Kozak, an outreach minister for the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland, was fired after finding out that he "liked" a post about a friend's same-sex marriage and posted another statement about another same-sex wedding that read, "Enjoy your Happily Ever After! I'm glad I could be a part of it!" He was up for a big promotion earlier this month. He was called in for a meeting and a supervisor and someone from human resources said that they had seen somethings on social media and that they would like to talk to him about it. The next day, he got a letter that said he was terminated. The Catholic Diocese of Cleveland released a statement saying that his termination was appropriate.

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5. Marilyn Teed, a flat-earther, delivered a four-minute public statement on how the Earth is flat during a board meeting of the Methacton School District in Pennsylvania. Two students sitting next to the board members left their seats and walked out.

6. Rev. Paul Kalchik, the priest who burned a rainbow flag after saying gay people should be put to death, and that he was then removed as head of his church, said that he's been driven into hiding due to death threats from the homosexuals.

7. An organization that includes six former U.S. cardinals on its Board of Trustees and is funded by a number of wealthy Catholics, "The better Church Governance Group, announced that it would spend more than a million dollars over the next year. This is to investigate every current member of the college of Cardinals, who are accused of child abuse or covering up any child sexual abuse. The aim is to produce a report by 2020 of April.

8. Daniel Walter Kenning strangled 45-year-old Jennifer Lee Moy in his basement. He met the woman previously at a wedding and that they had recently communicated on Facebook messenger. He picked her up the night before and driven her home. Kenning then tied her legs and handcuffed her arms to a table. He strangled the woman with one hand until she died as God had told him he needed to kill someone and that he would be able to resurrect them. He now faces a maximum sentence of 40 years' imprisonment.

9. Jesse Lee Peterson, a conservative radio host, says the Democratic senators who questioned Kavanaugh in his hearing were demonic. He added that the party is now controlled by angry, man-hating, God-hating, good-women hating, children, the unborn child-hating women.
10. The Environmental Protection Agency will get rid of its Office of the Science Advisor according to the New York Times report. Science advisor is a position that existed specifically to educate the head of the EPA on research affected health and the environment. They justified that the position was redundant. The head of a union representing about 900 E.P.A. employees, Michael Mikulka, said that it is an attempt to silence voices whether it's in the agency's Office of Children's health or the Office of the Science Advisor to kill career civil servants' input and scientific perspectives on rule-making.

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