Publish and Promote Your Book with Atheist Republic

Are you a writer or someone who has always wanted to become a writer? Are you an atheist who wants to write about atheist related issues and ideas? If so, then Atheist Republic Publishing is just what you’re looking for! Atheist Republic, a private nonprofit organization, has decided to utilize the great resource we have in the large atheist community we’ve helped to build over the last two years online. Our website, which features news and blogs from atheists around the world, along with our strong social media presence on such platforms as Facebook and Twitter, provide us with one of the largest global reaches of any atheist organization out there.

But that is just the beginning for us! So keep reading and see what the Atheist Republic is, and what we have to offer!

What Atheist Republic Publishing can offer you as an author

Atheist Republic is one of the largest atheist groups on the internet. With a privately run web-page that offers news articles, blogs, and forums, as well as other resources for atheists including our Facebook page with well over 1.2 million followers and a private Facebook group with over 50,000 members, we here at Atheist Republic have a strong community that are looking for new material.  We use our vast social media presence to promote our website which generates 10,000 unique visitors daily. Your works would be featured on that website and promoted daily, ensuring that on a daily basis at least 10,000 new individuals will be exposed to your work.

Our goal is to offer atheist authors a chance to get their written works out to the public through our great social media presence and that of our website. Within the first 4 months of us beginning these publishing and marketing services, Atheist Republic released three books, all of which have maintained a position in the top 10 of the category of atheism on We believe that such a strong push out of the gate is a mark of just how useful our services can be to the self-publishing author.

Our services don’t stop at just simple eBook publishing either. We also prepare these books for a print on demand service that supplies to both individuals and retailers, and we have a dedicated recording artist specializing in audiobook production. The fact is, we want to get your words out as far and wide as possible to as many people as possible!

Cost and services

All costs are commission based, meaning that we at AR have a vested interest in your success. We charge 25%* commission per copy sold of eBook and print format books, and a 50% commission for audiobook sales**. For this fee we will handle final editing and formatting for all media platforms including all digital formats, audio recording and publication, and on-demand print. We will also work with you on cover design and development using trusted designers to produce top quality, eye catching designs. Once we have your publication available on all formats, we will begin the marketing side of our service by promotion of your working on our website and then through our various social media outlets. As it was mentioned above, this includes a 1.2 million follower base on one of the largest social media platforms on the internet. We also utilize Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+ accounts, all with growing following in their respective niches, to promote your work on a global scale.