The Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

The Line of Demarcation

The Rio Grande has become the white man’s 38th parallel. It’s a statistically sound assumption that it is chiefly white Christian men stalking the river’s edge in uniforms and supplies purchased at various military surplus stores, but is this nationalism? Nationalism is a fine substitute for employment when racism just won’t do, but let us examine this further.

One might imagine Mexicans would be an agreeable addition to the United States population by white Christians, as there is nearly a 90% probability they’re gaining a fellow prayer warrior, or “guerrero de oración,” in the faintly pathetic struggle to maintain a quasi­Christian national identity. But why is it not this way? Why don’t they welcome their fellow Christians across the border?

One must concede the border is not as protected on both sides as the 38th parallel is, but this volunteer border force stands as vigilant as their dwarfed and stupefied North Korean counterparts. It is a curious thing that prejudice against one’s fellow sheep is exercised to entertain racist or nationalist views when their salvation is at stake, but pointing out hypocrisy in religion has become a tired, albeit inexpensive avenue of undermining their position. Surely they’ve considered the religious convictions of these immigrants, but does this discourage them from committing acts of violence against fellow members of the flock? It is as though these men are honoring scriptural warrant in the deportation effort, but which verse?

The Long Con

One of the greatest achievements of the Christian European movement was convincing themselves, and future members of Christendom abroad, that Jesus was white. It appears a rather harmless distinction, but one may safely speculate that it assisted in the perversion of the sociopolitical sphere for minorities of the Christian faith once the illusion could not be uprooted. If you, dear reader, are skeptical of this position, consider the alternative speculation; Christ is permitted to maintain his “historically” appropriate ethnicity of a Middle Eastern man, (you may have come across discrepant portraits in this vein) and perhaps proselytizing European Christians are more racially and culturally sensitive in Latin

American and African territories. Although, if Christ’s ethnic transformation hadn’t occurred at all, one would be incurious not to wonder if Christianity would have ever taken root in Europe.

On Hind Legs

The title of this article could be reversed to, “The Sheep in Wolves’ clothing,” but this altogether expresses a very different and overtly self righteous paradigm. The actual title might be thought a faint allusion to, “Animal Farm,” where the pigs dress in human clothing to exercise their authority over their farmhouse comrades. The volunteer border patrol is the real world (albeit lesser) manifestation of the pack of dogs the pigs employ to maintain their regime. These American Christians have been enlisted under a similar, yet rather nebulous and fraternally quixotic banner of nationalism, and (occasionally even reverse) racism to preserve the American take on Christendom.

This is a rare opportunity for an Atheist to express her sentiments for some of the New Testament verses (or do I mean its superior predecessor “The Analects of Confucius?”), if only for the welfare of immigrants to the south. There are some legitimate concerns on the side of Americans when one considers illegal activity outside of simple immigration; namely, the drug cartel, etc. This may be the guise under which this violence is committed but self justified a priori. There also exists the fairly distant but not infertile memory of Texas’ war for independence with Mexico. This is a rather alarming precedent for this fraternity, (even for them,) because it is as though they are searching in the dark for retreating troops. Surely this force has come into contact with English speaking illegal immigrants that begged in the name of Christ for mercy for passage to these men. What’s a Christian to do when faced with this?

Convents, and other tales

The Christians that suffer overseas are (rewarded?) with prayers and media coverage to inspire something resembling a protective force to escape their circumstances, but where is this fraternal fervor for their Christian brothers and sisters to the south? It’s in the luxury of distance. It’s as non committal and incurious as commenting, “praying for you!!!,” on an acquaintance’ status about how they’ve just experienced a death in the family. Their job is done with a complete absence of real confrontation, and their religious duty has been performed. It is plain that these same people would not confront a member of the volunteer border patrol to implore them to adhere to their Christian values and welcome them into the United States. Instead, they rationalize (rather ironically) their prejudice against Latin American Christians with a sort of, “We’ll come to you,” sneer. Does one even have to inquire as to whether any member of the various border patrol groups also participate in Christian missions in Latin America? I should guess not. After all, some Christians are more equal than others.

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