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Secular Sexuality

Armin: This is Dr. Darrel Ray, since we last talked in IN4 I have started a new podcast on Secular Sexuality. I think you will find its contents interesting and useful. I would appreciate a mention or review on Atheist Republic. It can be found on iTunes or on-line a these links.

I think the content is relevant to anyone who might listen and not specific to North America. In fact, I would like to get your help or suggestions for people outside of North America, or at least people born elsewhere, to interview. If you feel you have a story related to sex and religion, it would be fun to interview you as well.

I hope all is going well with you.


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Hi Darrel!

Hi Darrel!

We would love to add this much needed podcast to Atheist Republic. I’ll ask our developer to add it to our website.
I do have some interesting stories that I can share with you about religion and dating in Iran.

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That would be an interesting

That would be an interesting interview. I would love to do it as I really want to reach out to an international audience. I think the message of the podcast is not limited to North America. Of course I only speak English, but that still covers a large population in many other countries. Thanks for listing the podcast. I am also looking for tranlation/publication for my books in other languages. They are now available in Korean and Polish, but I think there is a need for both books in most countries of Asia. If you have any ideas, leads or names of publishers, please let me know. Good to connect with you. I really enjoyed meeting you at INR4. I am scheduled out to February right now, so any interview would have to be after the New Year. Send me a direct email if you can and we can get it on the calendar. Mine is

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