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Advice on Internship?

Hi, I am very new here and in a bit of a rush. I would very much appreciate advice on whether to apply for a summer internship. The situation is as follows:

The internship is for a Catholic outreach to impoverished people in the USA, where I live. My family is Catholic, and since I am still a minor and not independent, for all appearances I am one as well. The internship pays well and I think I would be helping people, but I still have doubts. I feel like religion would overshadow any positive actions, and I would constantly be lying to people about my faith. Applications are due this Friday, so if anyone has advice, I’d be happy to consider it. Your advice will not be the sole influencing factor.

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"---and I would constantly be lying to people about my faith."

THAT seems to be crux . This seems to be a moral issue for you, which is commendable. . Keeping that in mind------------

Do not assume. You may well be creating an issue where there is none.

Do not lie if asked a direct question. .Otherwise say nothing and deal with it if and when it comes up. Let them assume what they like.

You are not responsible for the thoughts and perceptions of others unless you are deliberately trying to deceive.

It seems clear that you remain a 'cultural catholic' . By that I mean your moral values and conscience have not changed, which is fine .(neither have mine, and it's over 50 years since I left the church. ).

Behave in accordance with your conscience.

Of course, Covid19, and the social distancing you should be practicing may make this all moot. If possible ,you should already be self isolating, to protect your family as much as yourself .

AND make no mistake, you will probably not die if you contract the virus. BUT it is NOT the flu, and you could still find yourself in ICU. (Here endeth the lesson)

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Religious issues aside, you

Religious issues aside, you might want to consider how the current Covid-19 pandemic will play out in your country first.
It would seem to me to be a very risky proposition to be working directly with impoverished people in any community.

I only mention this because my own country is in a state of lock-down with persistent demands that we all isolate ourselves and our families and remain at home, with the suggestion that strict enforceable laws may be introduced at some time effectively placing a curfew on our population. This virus is enforcing unwanted global changes on every aspect of the lives we used to live a few weeks ago.
Where have you been? Under a rock?

It might be the stuff of of well paid martyrs but you say this program is intended for the community where you live. So for a reasonable income you are willing to expose yourself to a high risk part of the community and then go home to your family with the risk of delivering the virus to those you love?

If you are really keen on doing something for your community I suggest you save yourself for the expected problems that are likely to emerge after the virus has had its run. I suspect the need for help will be much greater when and if the affects have passed. Your help will be in greater demand then.

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Thank you for your advice. I

Thank you for your advice. I am extremely aware of the coronavirus, given the news and the closing of my school. The internship will be during the summer, and I will obviously not put my health at risk if the virus is still a major problem. My main problem is whether to do this very faith-based program.

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The virus is still going to

The virus is still going to be a major problem in the world come this summer, especially in the impoverished part of the world. I also strongly recommend not leaving your country.

There will be hotspots popping up on the virus in all parts of the world for the next year or so.

If you are eager to help, help locally. Every where is going to need help. Stay close to your family and friends, they will need your help, and you may need theirs. Even folks in their 20's that develop symptoms have a 10-20% chance of ending up in the hospital. Even if their chances of dying ultimately remain low.

One way I have heard it put as: If you were given a bag with 100 pieces if your favorite candy, but one random piece in that bag was poison that will kill you, and another 10 or so will send you to the hospital, would you eat that bag of candy? Even if it was your favorite? I sure would not.

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Good. Clear on C19. Get that

Good. Clear on C19. Get that application in. Follow Cranky's advice. I assume you will have to satisfy some face to face interviews yet, so, good luck.

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Humanitarian relief, is humanitarian if you can get past the lies you may be asked to disseminate, at least you will be helping someone, and in turn yourself. However, I personally, would not sell religion to any person in need for any price, especially knowing that being a humanist can be accomplished without selling religion.

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You have an amazing

You have an amazing opportunity to witness first hand the complete and utter failure of faith, prayer, the magical hand of god, and how the fucking church sweeps all the bullshit under the carpet. Start a journal and say "YES." Take loads of video, and when you get back "WRITE A BOOK."

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