An analysis of Greg Locke's BS

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An analysis of Greg Locke's BS

This is a video of a criticism and break down of one of Greg Locke's rants. I thought I would share it here for everyone to enjoy!



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Wow, I watched the entire

Wow, I watched the entire video and then did a little research on this Mr Locke.

My mother told me that if I was not going to say anything good about a person, to say nothing.

So ..................................................

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...*jaw dropping to floor*... Wow... Just... wow... *shaking head in disbelief*... Made it through the whole video. The guy is like a train wreck. You want to look away, but you can't. Kudos to the vid narrator. She did an excellent job of pointing out the many discrepancies spewing from Locke's mouth. Amazing to me how people like him can say the crap they say and actually believe it while NOT seeing how ridiculously hypocritical they are being. Oh, the irony.

Thanks for sharing, Afloat. And welcome to the AR.

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I don't have time this

I don't have time this morning. Gotta go take a driving test. I have to get my Korean license so I can get an International License, so I can rent a car when I get to America.

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