Being hard eh?

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Being hard eh?

hi doodies, bored and find this. before submitting, i was chatting with a christian and she was like : go pray god may god save you go its not late and etc shit. if i wanted to pray, i would pray. stop changing my mind( no you can't turn me to a christian) if this was reddit, i would get so many down votes hopefully it ain't. greeting guys and happy new year and whatever

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Happy New Year, decade and

Happy New Year, decade and welcome to you.

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Happy new year and holidays

Happy new year and holidays bro

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Welcome to the Weird Wide Web

Welcome to the Weird Wide Web.

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i actually saw here

i actually saw here intresting
Hi pal

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Hey there, Purple. Welcome!

Hey there, Purple. Welcome! You chose a great way to start a new year and decade by joining our merry little band of godless marauding miscreants. And you don't have to worry about folks here trying to convert you to Christianity. However, if Cog ever asks you to try on his new pig nose, I strongly suggest you immediately douse him with mace and then run away quickly. Don't worry, though, because the mace doesn't actually hurt him. It just momentarily distracts him because he likes licking it off his fur.

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next time i'll m'friend

next time i'll m'friend
thanks ;)

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