A Coming Enemy to the United States

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A Coming Enemy to the United States

So I see that a super genius (Chris Langan), albeit evil, is driving people into a darkened state of mind where they’ve been misled into believing that a political system, anti-theoretical to the United States, is the right choice of government. It’s called an intelligence authoritarianism. But see, the United States is based on generally relative law or law where “everyone and anyone” gets to decide what happens. In contrast, an intelligence authoritarianism makes it so that only the people with the highest intelligence get to decide. However, isn’t it quite clear that it would just be a highly efficient dictatorship, and that’s all? And the reason why is simple: intelligent people can be evil. The United States works against evil though, by making it so that everyone and anybody has full rights to their freedom. Unfortunately, the United States isn’t efficient at surviving like an intelligence authoritarianism, so the whole idea of an intelligence authoritarianism threatens the United States. I’m serious. Now, if the United States would only differentiate what it consists of in terms of intelligence, then it would take advantage of what it has in that way, instead of going with what is essentially the average person’s intelligence. Maximizing intelligence in decision-making makes one more powerful. So, the United States as a whole would first recognize what it has in terms of intelligence and then go through its usual voting processes. In essence, the law of everyone and anyone would be the higher law, the law over its secondary law. And its secondary law would be ‘intelligence as the law’. So everyone and anyone would get treated equally and with the highest freedoms with the higher law, and then make laws using its intelligence as a powerful secondary form of law, where people recognize the usefulness and power of intelligence.

I will end with this: if people thought that the land of the free would win a war against the land of the controlled, they just might be wrong. To make the US unbeatable against its coming enemy full of the most evil people imaginable, the US needs to create an extension of its law, that although secondary to its primary law that is the US constitution, will protect its freedoms with the required power. The US, although strong in terms of will, needs a sword to defend the freedom it has. And the power that is intelligence would be what's required. So what do you people think about Chris Langan and what he's been doing?

To note, Chris hates atheists too and also people who want globalization, but for bad reasons. What he's been doing is intolerable and against humanity. I would hope that some atheists understand all this at least, because it seems that intelligence authoritarianisms really appeal to religious people. I've never heard what atheists think on the matter, but I'm very VERY interested in asking about that.

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Let us examine this

Let us examine this proposition from the other end.

It would keep stupid people from influencing the nation.

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Hello. Well, one could

Hello. Well, one could equally consider that stupid (enough) people aren’t real people. Inasmuch as people are mental (something which separates humanity from nature in its ‘specialness’), the more intelligent the US is in decision making, the more human it is.
I hope that people in the US want to be more special than animals, anyway.

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Egad - I hope that people in

Egad - I hope that people in the US want to be more special than animals, anyway.

As far as I can tell, humans are animals; even the humans with the lighter complexions.

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Egad - The United States

Egad - The United States works against evil though, by making it so that everyone and anybody has full rights to their freedom

I think that statement is highly controversial.

Egad - So I see that a super genius (Chris Langan)...

What is your obsession with this kook Mr. Langan? In my very unprofessional opinion, it isn't healthy.

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My obsession actually

My obsession actually revolves around the state of the world, in terms of its intel. But I just find importance in recognizing Chris Langan as an essential person. And I wish everyone knew, that that’s because he has an amazing, yet invalid, theory. It’s so intricate, and has many new ways of thinking about reality. And no one will read it very well. Sorry if this forum was kind of random, though. I might have written something else leading to this. Thanks for your concern for my health though!

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Egad: "And I wish everyone

Egad: "And I wish everyone knew, that that’s because he has an amazing, yet invalid, theory. It’s so intricate, and has many new ways of thinking about reality."

And that is the problem. CTMU's intricacy is not what makes it invalid. What makes it invalid is all the punctuational, grammatical, and misspellings throughout the entire paper, not to mention all the illogical brain diarrhea fallacies he spews forth. Hell, I counted more than 50 such errors in the first 5 pages. After that I quit highlighting them.

Chris Langan is nothing more than an illiterate kook. Remember, he spent more than half his life as a bouncer and ranch-hand. It takes absolutely no intelligence to do either.

There is nothing amazing about the uncogent rantings of an insane kook. Yet the Wiki page on him says he is married to a doctor. Yet that doctor is also so illiterate as not to notice all those errors?

I even read two of his other papers while at doctors one day. Both of those papers were so full of errors, it literally makes them unreadable. Being a field scientist, I have to make damned sure every paper I write is 100% error-free as far as punctuational, grammatical, and misspelling errors. Other errors such as logical fallacies, illogical assumptions are found during the Peer Review process.


Thus, everything he has written is nothing more than the insane rantings of a deranged cuckoo.

Get over it. Move on.


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Egad - But I just find

Egad - But I just find importance in recognizing Chris Langan as an essential person. And I wish everyone knew, that that’s because he has an amazing, yet invalid, theory.

I think you are being very generous in calling it a theory. Can it be used to make predictions?

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If there was a point to that

If there was a point to that wall of text, I missed it and do not care to look any further.

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Oops, forgot to give a fore

Oops, forgot to give a fore-note about what this was all about then in that "wall of text"... Thanks for reading, anyway.

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Egad: intelligent people can

Egad: intelligent people can be evil.

They can also be incredibly stupid. The ability to ace IQ tests isn't really an indicator of the ability to manage the world or even manage one life succsesfully. If you want to meet a bunch of functionally useless people who can't tie their own shoelaces, go to a Mensa meeting or a conclave of cardinals.

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At least with the Mensa

At least with the Mensa meeting, if you drop something, you do not have to kick it into the corner and keep your back to the wall.

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Egad: "The United States

Egad: "The United States works against evil though"

Actually, the United States pretends to work against evil. Since most politicians in the United States are religious, they would not truly know evil if it bit them in the ass. Religion and its supporters are Pure Evil. All the United States is doing is to further its best interests, regardless of who they fuck over, "under the pretense of fighting evil."

And do not worry your pretty head over this "Intelligence Overmind." There ain't enough intelligent people in the United States for something like that to happen. And those who are intelligent, ain't stupid enough to get involved in politics. My dad used to have a sign he made and hung in his office many decades ago:

Only two things do not require intelligence:
1) Stupidity
2) Getting Elected
I am positively sure of the 2nd one,
but ain't so sure about the first.

I have since made it into a sign I have on my office wall.

Now let me go back and read the other replies.


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And I agree that religion is

And I agree that religion is quite ridiculous and is pure evil (…even if some are not as bad as others in it). But to note, the United States can’t enforce purely religious policies over its people for the reason that it is a system of balance, based on religious freedom and not religious control. So, the United States, although as evil as it is, isn’t just pretending to work against evil, but is in the process of balancing its bad with its good – to eventually eliminate imbalance. And that is true good, if one can examine what true balance between good and evil means. But I agree that the United States is currently more evil than good. But the core of it all, freedom of all people for the one AND the many, makes it so that it is a system where true good wins, at least eventually.
My “pretty head” won’t drag on about this “overmind”, though. The guy can be ignorant enough.

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We can vote for intelligent

We can vote for intelligent people. But America has elected it's stupidest president ever. Possibly will reelect him. So much for intelligence in U.S. politics. We elect a Harvard professor for two terms and then the dummies get their revenge.

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Possibly you are right about

Possibly you are right about the President's IQ. But I find it highly ironic that a political neophyte, who often didn't listen to his own advisors, could completely humiliate the entire Democratic and Republican hierarchy and a totally unfriendly media. Yup, it had to be the help he got from the Russians. He didn't have the smarts to do it on his own ;-)

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Who is Chris Langan? Never

Who is Chris Langan? Never heard of this one.

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This idiot.


EDIT: And he has his CTMU paper is on sale at Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/CTMU
Low-life. If he is so damned interested in the betterment of the human species, why ain't his CTMU completely free. I managed to pirate a copy and will have to find it. Gads. That could take so long I stop looking for it. But I'll look.


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He's just another fraud who

He's just another fraud who writes word salad; just enough to fool people who don't know anything about the subject in question. Should read his rants about set theory, it's pretty bad.

/e here is a link to an archive of his apparently defunct website. Might be useful if you really want to go down this rabbit hole.

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might be a free (archived,

might be a free (archived, defunct) link to the paper in question.

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Thanks Nyarlathotep.

Thanks Nyarlathotep.

That link to the paper in question is the same exact copy I found elsewhere. Ran a PDFDiff on the the two. Exactly the same.

If memory serves, there may be copies of other papers he wrote and published available in PDF on the Wiki page. I know the biggest problem I had with him being the "smartest person in America" whose IQ scores are "off the charts," was the fact of the number of misspellings, grammatical, and punctuational errors there were. Something you would expect the "smartest person" to have caught. Hell, even the editors did not catch them. I guess they assumed the "smartest person in America" with IQ scores "off the charts" (190+) to make no errors.

Guess it shows. Me just a dumb ass moron who works on science journal papers and has less misspellings, grammatical, and punctuational errors in all papers I have written my whole life compared to just one paper he wrote.

And get this. His wife is a doctor. He could not ask her to look at his papers? Hmm...

It all speaks of flim flam, con, believable lies to the gullible.


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This idiot."

For a guy who is supposedly a genius he seems like a regular run-of-the-idiot. He spent about 30% of his life being a bouncer, which doesn't require a high IQ. His net worth is only about $800,000 so he isn't using his high IQ to become a billionaire or even a millionaire. He seems to be just a low-level bull shit artist.

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While this guy is obviously

While this guy is obviously an outlier, there is a push to move government away from the people (the structure of the EU is along those lines) to a small group of ruling elites. The problem is partly that often very intelligent people have poor judgement (Elon Musk) , and also that intelligent people are just as subject to corruption as the rest of the population. Having an elite in power is perhaps even more dangerous.

George Orwell said “There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.”, and it only takes a cursory reading of some of the total BS being pushed by academics to realize that is true. My wife has direct experience, she works at a top tier university, and I truly don't think some of those could survive outside the academic asylum.

(corrected 'brain fart' error)

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Awesome forum! Thanks

Awesome forum! Thanks everyone.

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