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@doG: "We previously showed

@doG: "We previously showed that these modified WHO formulations were able to inactivate severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV; 10), which are related to SARS-CoV-2. " (NOT CONTRAVIRUS ITSELF!??? Related virus???)

Current recommendations to inactivate SARS-CoV-2 were translated from findings of other coronaviruses (11). To evaluate whether these alcohol-based disinfectants also effectively inactivate SARS-CoV-2, we tested different concentrations of the original and modified WHO formulations I and II (6,9), ethanol, and 2-propanol for virucidal activity.


Our results showed that SARS-CoV-2 was highly susceptible to the original and the modified WHO formulations (Figure 1).

were able to reduce viral titers to background levels in 30 s with RFs of between 4.8 and ≥5.9. Furthermore, we noted that a concentration of >30% STILL DON'T GET THESE NUMBERS.

AND FINALLY: Of note, both the original and modified formulations were able to reduce viral titers to background level within 30 s. In addition, ethanol and 2-propanol were efficient in inactivating the virus in 30 s at a concentration of >30% (vol/vol). Alcohol constitutes the basis for many hand rubs routinely used in healthcare settings. One caveat of this study is the defined inactivation time of exactly 30 s, which is the time recommended but not routinely performed in practice. Our findings are crucial to minimize viral transmission and maximize virus inactivation in the current SARS-CoV-2 outbreak.


Appreciate the effot: looks like a person is still infectious even after sanitizer. how infectious, we don't know. Background level appears to be a secret.

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I just realized, Covid 2 is

I just realized, Covid 2 is SARS not Covid 19 Corona virus. The study tests the wrong virus. Where does it say that what eliminates or sanitizes covit 2 will work on covid 19. If this were the case, we would have cured the common cold 50 years ago. Viruses mutate and we have a hell of a time keeping up with them.

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...” we would have cured the

...” we would have cured the common cold 50 years ago. ”

Yup. And corona has been part of the common cold. This is a new one. So is it going to one day be “common” that a “cold” can kill just like the flu?

Interesting times.

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Oh great one, did your


"I just realized, Covid 2 is SARS not Covid 19 Corona virus. The study tests the wrong virus."

Oh great one, did your advisors once work for trump? Either way, fire them, as you are presently pulling a trump.

SARS-CoV-2 is the official name for the pathogen/virus that is causing the present pandemic. COVID-19 is the name of the disease it causes. SARS/MERS/COVID-19 are all diseases for a specific type of pathogen/virus called coronovirus, a zoonotic virus with specific characteristics. The present disease is abbreviated to COVID-19, which means in full, COronoVIrus Disease 2019.

"Where does it say that what eliminates or sanitizes covit 2 will work on covid 19."

They are the same thing.

Hand sanitizer is an excellent means of making all coronovirus unable to infect human cells...there may be residual virus still on the hands, but not functional. The only real issue, is the thirty seconds that is needed to continually rub the sanitizer into both hands, to effectively reach all possible virus. I have seen frontline staff, applying sanitizer, for mostly about 10 seconds, prior to moving to the next patient. I have had to educate nearly every front line staff that I have seen...period...to modify there sanitizer use to over thirty seconds.

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@ Cog ... ***pssst*** stop it

@ Cog ... ***pssst*** stop it! It’s a way of having people feel like there are some controls over a fuckin virus that we are just learning about and will in all likely-hood “stay” with us.

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White: That's my conclusion

White: That's my conclusion as well. (I'm not asserting that sanitizer does not help. Just that there appears to be no actual facts or statistics on how much help it offers. In the mean time, someone is making a shitload of money,

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Meanwhile...after reading

Meanwhile...after reading posts...wipe shitty dirty hands on pants and back out to the garden to insert said hands (without gloves shutter) into soil that is full of shit, virus, bacteria... oh, and worms! I love the worms (and worm poop)


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Is that you?

Had no idea you were so young.

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51 turning 52....my boys say

51 turning 52....my boys say I’m old (lol) ...you men say I’m young - ahhhhh, thanks Cranky, needed that!

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You know White, I always

You know White, I always assumed you were an elegant stylish woman of the world but this pic exceeds my paltry imaginings.
Two questions: where is the rolling pin?, and, are those boots from the Ellie May Clampett fashion range?

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“where is the rolling pin?”

“where is the rolling pin?”
Use your imagination....

“and, are those boots from the Ellie May Clampett fashion range?”

Yes, yes they are :) shit on my hands, yes- shit on my feet, no (well, until I start going barefoot around the yard)

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...oh my...I used my

...oh my...I used my imagination...and fell right off my perch....

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This is fucking serious,

This is fucking serious, therefore on the expert information suppled by LogicFTW and Algebe, I have begun weaving all the nose hair I have plucked over the past year into a personal beard mask. The weaving is reinforced by fresh snot harvested daily to ensure the integrity of the mask and heighten the filtering quality.
The result surprisingly looks very much like a beard and will offer maximum protection from old man C19 while providing a rather rugged manly appearance.
I am still growing more nasal hair, harvesting snot and improving my weaving skills, so to ensure you have your very own 100% all natural organic Grinseed covid 19 nasal beard mask, order now, with rough measurements of your mug, but hurry, supplies are limited and demand is expected to be significant.
Order today and the first five customers will receive at no extra cost a bonus free supply of highly cultured earwax that will preserve your Grinseed C19 nasal beard mask giving it an attractive lustrous sheen and enviable bounce.

Survive this pandemic with a stiylish Grinseed C19 nasal beard mask and be the envy of everyone in the ICU.

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@Grin Re: Nose hair beard

@Grin Re: Nose hair beard mask

DAMMIT!.... *slamming fist on tabletop*.... Why didn't I think of that?!?... *grumbling to self*....

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You were busy in your own

You were busy in your own project.


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@David K. Re: Pic

@David K. Re: Pic

Hey!... *big grin*... That is a fantastic likeness of my Uncle Rusty! You should hear some of the stories he had to tell about doing hard time in the Recycling Plant. Cracked me up every time!

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Nose hair etc.? Ewwww!

@Tim-Man et al

Nose hair etc.? Ewwww!

Why can't you be like normal people and save your belly button lint?

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@Grinseed: FINELY - A


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.....*lightbulb appearing

.....*lightbulb appearing above head (flickering)*.... Ah-ha! Got it! Grin has inspired me! Please hear me out on this...

Along with a mask, everybody needs protective gloves, right? However, gloves would obviously have to be more durable than a mask. So that got me to thinking, "What would be a good material to use that is more durable than nose hair?" And I happened to remember I have dozens of large garbage bags FULL of pubic hairs I have been collecting over the years. Just a rough estimation, but I figure once I get it all woven together I should have enough material for hundreds of pairs of high-quality long-lasting protective gloves. And once I infuse them with my secret-specialized hand-made "protective gel", they should be completely impervious to any and all forms of microbiological critters. YES! I just KNEW I would find a use for all those pubes one day!... *celebratory fist pump*....

Hey, Grin! If we market these two products together, we can become super-wealthy almost overnight. Oh, and... uhh... of course, be doing a great service to help our fellow man during this time of crisis... *look of solemn concern*... *halo over head*...

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@Grinseed: It's just like

@Grinseed: It's just like Tin to try and weasel his way in on a good idea. Ignore him. That's what I do.

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@Cog Re: "Ignore him. That's

@Cog Re: "Ignore him. That's what I do."

Ha! Good luck, banana brain. You KNOW you want a set of my protective gloves. And you know you will get the special friend discount.

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Well , you know Cog, I'm

Well , you know Cog, I'm really concerned about how a tin man gets plastic garbage bags full of pubic hair?!
I had a quick look at them and it seems to me the individual strands are somewhat short.
Now I'm not suggesting anything nasty here but we all know Tin's fondness for midget cowboys wrestlers and all but I'm getting an uncomfortable feeling about promoting products made from raw materials that might not have been ethically procured, I mean the repercussions would draw a lot of public hostility, "the unsustainable harvesting of little people's pubic hair" does not have a nice ring at all and i'm already attracting criticisms for profiteering from a global epidemic with the improved Grinseed Covid 19 Beard Mask, ( now in fashionable blonde shades - (got a great deal on hair colour products).
At least I can claim I grow my own.

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...someone’s feeling

...someone’s feeling threatened by a little competition... :)

Proof of said accusation of pubic procurement? Until you have evidence, I will happily imagine Tinman with some tweezers... or shaking out his underwear...

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@Grinseed: Interesting!

@Grinseed: Interesting! doG and I were just talking about this. Our theory is, "It's ape envy." Tin wants to swing freely from the trees but his mechanical body just won't let him do it. In his little mind, he has imagined that super-gluing midget cowboy wrestler pubic hair to his body from, the private parts of the little people, will make him more apelike.

Look at the bright side..... He is not trying to be a cockatoo.,

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@Cog and Grin

@Cog and Grin

Oh, okay, I see your concern now... *nodding head in understanding manner*... Yeah, my bad, guys. Guess I should have explained better. See, for several years I was the Head Genital Groomer for Rump Rider Studios where many high quality films were produced. Very likely you have heard of (or even seen) a few of them. For instance, "Little Big Men", "Bareback Bandits of Hershey Canyon", and "The Lone Boner" were quite popular (for obvious reasons). Then there were some classics such as "Where The Wild Shetlands Whinny", "Cockfight At The DP Corral", and "Wild Wranglers of Poontane Prairie".

Anyway, bottom line is that as the Head Groomer, I was obviously responsible for cleaning all the cut/shaved pubes in the dressing rooms and on the sets. So please put aside your worries about any possible bad publicity arising from my collection methods. Oh! And I just realized an unexpected bonus! As luck would have it, I kept each performer's hair seperated and labeled. Therefore, for all the fans out there, we can let them custom order their gloves be made from the hairs of a particular performer. (For a "modest" extra fee, of course.) Yes, this could work out quite nicely.

Edited movie title. (I'm always getting them mixed up. Silly me...)

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Since touching your face and

Since touching your face and picking your nose are big contributors to Covid infection, I’ve started using these beauties to pick...glide past the nose hairs, nice shape...

Edited to add: nice “booger” flicker - “boys, hey booyyyssss...come here, I need you a sec...”


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@White: Oh... Those are

@White: Oh... Those are bugger flickers? No wonder they weren't long enough for what I was using them for. He he he .... silly me!

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.... *sirens blaring*....

.... *sirens blaring*.... RANT ALERT!... RANT ALERT!... RANT ALERT!.... *sirens slowly fade away*....

Okay, I've just got to get this shit out of my system. Been holding this in for several days now, and I guess this is as good a place as any to vent it and maybe relieve some pressure that has been slowly building. It's not enough that our collective governments are batshit crazy during this whole "Pandemic Crisis" ridiculousness, but I have observed many of my average fellow citizens over the past few weeks, and what I have seen makes me truly weep for humanity. Keep in mind, there are numerous little gripes I have here and there about odd-n-ends I see out in public and about things I hear on the radio and read on other information sites. And any one or two or these things on their own would normally be no big deal and hardly worth acknowledging. But when you are seeing and hearing it almost constantly every single day over a period of several months, and some of those annoying "little things" are gradually growing into larger and larger examples of complete lunacy.... well... *defeated sigh*... it simply makes one wonder, "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??????" Moreover, though, it makes me think, "What the FUCK is wrong with people???" Case in point.... (What follows is just one example of many...)

Cannot speak for other locations around the country/world, but around my neck of the woods people are no longer allowed inside any restaurants or fast food establishments. At the fast food establishments in particular, customers must now wait in line at the drive-thru service. A reasonable precaution and compromise, I suppose. No real problem with that as a whole, to be honest. (Never mind the fact, though, that this practice was not put into place until just a few short weeks ago.) Anyway, that is not really my gripe right now. No, my particular rant this evening is focused on a practice I have seen at several drive-thru's, and it absolutely BLOWS.... MY... MIND... *double face palm*.... I'm afraid that even typing it out here is going to send me into convulsions, while everybody else reading it will be going, "No way what he says is true. Tin-Man MUST BE making up that story. Sounds like complete bullshit." Honestly, I wish it was bullshit. However, I will leave it for you to judge for yourselves. Oh, and remember, this is not happening at just ONE particular fast food establishment. It is happening at many different ones over a very large area covering multiple cities/towns. Anyway....

Get in line at the drive-thru behind many other cars. Finally make your way to the menu/speaker to place your order. So far, so good. Looking toward the window where you pay and receive your order, you can see the cashier (wearing "protective" gloves, of course) receiving money from customers, giving them their change, handing them their drinks. Typical transaction so far, right? Then you see a serving tray emerge from the window with the customer's bagged order sitting on it, and the customer takes the bagged order from the tray and drives away. The serving tray disappears back inside the window. This same procedure takes place with the other cars in front of you until you finally find yourself at the window to pay for and receive your order. The same cashier (wearing the SAME gloves) tells you the total of your purchase. You hand the cashier your money directly to the outstretched gloved hand. Cashier places the money in the register and removes your change and hands it back to you directly with the same gloved hand. The drink you ordered is passed to you in the other gloved hand directly after you receive your change. After another moment or two of waiting, another worker brings your bag to the cashier who accepts it with the same gloved hands and places your order on a serving tray. The cashier then passes the tray out the window for you to take your order from it..... *corner of eye starting to twitch*..... I swear I feel like I just lost IQ points from having to type that.................................................................. What............................. the............... FUCK????? WHO comes up with that type of idiotic asinine moronic bullshit????? Seriously! Am I missing something here??? THIS is the GENIUS plan somebody came up with to prevent the spread of a reportedly highly contagious virus???? SHIIIIIIIIIIIT!... *shoulders slumping*.... *head hanging forward*.... *deeeeep sigh of relief*.... Okay.... I'm a little better now.... for the moment, at least.....

Understand, this is not meant to be aimed toward the workers themselves who are simply following orders from a higher source just to try to maintain employment to keep food on the tables for their families. No, this is aimed at those company owners/managers who actually said to themselves, "This sounds like a good idea." Again, I really do wish this was just another one of my sarcastic fabricated stories, but - much to my dismay - it is all too true. I think I'm gonna go have a drink now....

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Awww...I love rants!!! They

Awww...I love rants!!! They feel so good. My question - YOU’RE allowed to use cash money?!?

We were stopped awhile back, like 6 weeks ago (using failing memory). Part of me was like “fuck, we’re in an apocalypse and my little envelope is useless” (saved for an EMP). But then I looked at my tiny little gold/silver piles (fuck, no ones trading with this shit yet), then I check bitcoin (plummeted at that time) UGH ...then I thought, hmmm what can I use for trade, “I know, toilet paper!” - and the rest is history...

LOL seriously, it’s an odds game.

BTW all the talk about a “meat shortage” will cause a “meat shortage” ...but Mr Alex Jones has that covered (he’s eyeing up his neighbor already)

Fuck me, just ignore humanity, the majority (?!?!) - the minority - that run the media and the McDonald’s of this world...

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My summation , and then I am

My summation , and then I am done. Hand sanitizers probably do some good. How much? We really do not know. Tests are probably hard to conduct as a lab needs an electron microscope just to see virus. Pair that with the fact that the virus just has not been around that long and scientists are playing a catch up game.

Rubbing sanitizer on your hands is probably not going to hurt anything but your skin. Use it and it will give you a sense of fighting back; however delusional that sense may be.

I just don't think we have any good information on the virus currently. At least none that has been released to the public,.


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