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1. Have you noticed? 99.9%

1. Have you noticed? 99.9% of all Christians give the rest a bad name.

2. How did they stop Jesus from waving to the crowd?
They nailed his other hand to the cross.

3. What's the difference between the real Jesus and his picture?
It only takes one nail to hang the picture.

4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfXrUm7iWpE

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" I've felt ashamed of those

" I've felt ashamed of those cowardly dishonest moments--- guilty, and regretful, the guilt still lingers."

To add to some of the good comments above: You are free to 'keep your mouth shut' if you so desire. We are under no command to evangelize, speak up if you feel like it, but it's perfectly ok to not get involved. Same as politics, sometimes there's no point to getting into it. (Even more so with my wife who works for a very ultra left, 'woke' university. If she opened her mouth, there would probably be people collapsing from heart attacks)

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Welcome Lisa,

Welcome Lisa,

I'm sorry to read about the tough time you've had in opening up to people regarding your atheism.

I find this bizarre, as in the UK it's so common place that I could walk throughout my entire town with a sign saying 'I'm an atheist' and not a single person would probably care.

This is probably not the case in every town, but on the whole, at least the majority.

That said, I've always found my fellow humans strange... we can be rude or cruel to each other due to religious or non religious views, political inclinations, sexuality, what we consider offensive etc...

But then again we are merely moderately evolved primates, clinging to a dying rock that is hurtling through space.

Look forward to seeing more of your posts and hope you find an outlet.

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Thank you, I have sometimes

Thank you, I have sometimes wondered why it is that America is so much more religious than the UK. I don’t really know but if I had to guess I would say that associateing the Church with the state might case the mistrust people feel towards government to be carried over to the church as well. That’s only a guess though.

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I wish to apologize for my

I wish to apologize for my late welcome, but that welcome is sincere and warm.

I'm an old fart, I was born before they invented dirt. I have owned many professions, from sailor to jet engine mechanic, to miner, to construction worker to electrician. Fundamentally I am a mechanic, and working with my hands is what I do. FYI, I also worked two years in a greenhouse.

Fortunately for me, I did not realize my atheism until just a few years ago. So when I finally had my epiphany, I was experienced enough to understand that confronting people on what is very important to them may provoke a very negative response.

But fortunately for me, I live (Toronto) where being an atheist is not the kiss of death. But I still keep my "beliefs" to myself unless confronted.

The "Atheist Hub" part of this forum is our safe space, it is much less confrontational and we can put our feet up. That being said, that does not stop a dishonest theist from registering as an atheist and accessing this part of the forum. So if there is any personal information you wish to keep away from the theists, keep it to yourself in here too.

I often question why I engage in this forum. I take no pleasure in hurting the feelings of others, nor do I enjoy witnessing stupid and sloppy thinking. But I do enjoy humor, so please beware, I sometimes wander off-track with silly Canadian humor. But it is a joy to enjoy the company of such a bunch of misfits.

I guess the reason why I engage in dialogue is that it is a catharsis for me, I get to open up occasionally, and allow my mind to sort out all this religious hoo haw.

Here in Ontario our official floral emblem is the Great White Trillium, a protected species. And this is the time of year when winter is slowly losing it's grip and life is returning. Spring is a wonderful time of year, when we get to witness such a wonder of life.

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Hey we’re neighbors, I’m from

Hey we’re neighbors, I’m from Michigan. I think I mentioned it in the earlier comments. I’m fine with sharing most stuff in this setting as long as no one is able to find where I live or work. I would suppose Michigan is similar to Toronto when it comes to being selectively open about your beliefs. We also have white trillium here in Michigan, but I’m more excited for the skunk cabbage to start opening up, great name isn’t it lol the plant can make its own body heat and honestly it might be in bloom now I haven’t gotten to check on the patch I know of yet. Here’s a picture I took of it last year and hosted on Imgur



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