Hi. I'm Silly Bill E.

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Hi. I'm Silly Bill E.

Thanks for the chat guys.

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Throw a pedophile in there at

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I wasn't kidding when I said my late mother was the most self absorbed person I've ever met. Controlled her kids through emotional blackmail. She loathed my wife because she told mum to mind her own business. Add to that an inability to accept personal responsibility for anything negative-----

Around a decade ago, I looked up the term "dysfunctional family". I was stunned; the detailed description was of my family.

I'm not trying to claim my life is /was the same as yours.Only that it seems we may have some things in common.

Vent all you like. I will at least read what you have to say . Have no idea if I will be able to help.

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Well Bill E, I’ve always

Well Bill E, I’ve always intuitively knew that men and women were equal.
Both sexes can be damn-right horrid and abusive.

I’m sorry you had to experience that...you too Cranky.

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My family dynamics were not

My family dynamics were not so dreadful as yours Billy, but there was a lot of unhealthy unidentified psychological dramas going on that still emerge in painful ways for me half a century later. As i understand it the mother/son relationship is the damned hardest. I am encouraged to say that because my relationship with my daughter is fantastic.
I could be wrong but I imagine very few people escape any of the different forms of dysfunctional examples in that video. some get it all, luckier ones get a sample.

I have recently been mulling over writing a family history for my infant granddaughters to read in years to come, your post has prompted me to begin. I read your post and started typing a reply and an hour later I find Chapter 1 of that history has been outlined. If/when I finish I'll send you a copy.

I welcome you to vent all you like Bill. I have done elsewhere and I know it helps.

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