How does ANYONE remain Catholic?!?

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How does ANYONE remain Catholic?!?

Would someone please, please, please tell me how anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can remain Catholic in light of the depth and reach of the Pedophile Priest SCANDAL that's happened around the world for the past 50 years!!! I honestly can't wrap my head around it. I mean, we're talking about priests! They were in a position of complete respect and authority and they were literally RAPING CHILDREN! Think about that. Raping children. And not just a few isolated incidents; and certainly not just a few 'bad apples'. It was tens of thousands of children. And it was THOUSANDS of priests. And even if you buy into the notion that it's due to repressed sexuality by the priests not being able to marry and all of that, or you say that it's no worse with priests than it is in any other walk of life, listen to what you are saying! These are PRIESTS! We're told they represent GOD, for crying out loud. Are you kidding me?!? And even if you can say, well, it's not MY priest, or my parish, or my church, or my diocese, do you just close your eyes to the fact that it is at SOMEONE else's church and parish?!? Do you just ignore the fact that the actions of these 'Men of God' have literally destroyed the lives of your fellow human beings, fellow Catholics; people that deserve nothing but your compassion and sympathy, especially when you know deep down it just as easily could have been you? And if you do choose to be blind to these things, then I say, "What in the hell is wrong with you?"

And ultimately, even if you can perform the Olympian level mental gymnastics that are required in order to justify your rationalizations somehow, or you've decided to close your eyes to it, or you've figured out some way that it's ok with you, how do you reconcile, or rationalize, that the ACTUAL Catholic Church itself, from the very top, yes, from the Vatican and every level on down, covered it up, lied to victims, paid people off, hired expensive lawyers to discredit victims and moved priests around to where they could commit the same crimes somewhere else?!? Please tell me, how in God's name do you reconcile THAT and stay in that immoral organization? How? If I found out tomorrow that my boss was involved with, or was complicit in anything to do with pedophilia, I simply wouldn't work there anymore. I'd quit immediately and assist vigorously with the criminal prosecution! I simply can't grasp how anyone at all can think that the Catholic Church has even the slightest bit of moral authority at this point! I really can't. Their "actual body of Christ" crackers, their silly little outfits, their dogma, their rituals, their moralizing, how does anyone buy into any of it anymore? It's beyond my ability to comprehend!

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And the child-molesting isn't

And the child-molesting isn't necessarily the worst thing they've done.

Their condom ban is causing megadeaths from AIDS in Africa. They have enslaved countless unmarried mothers in their Magdalene Laundry empire, while putting their children in hellish orphanages with mass-graves in the backyard. They sided with vile oppressive dictators in Europe and Latin America.

Every Catholic who goes to church and puts money in the collection plate shares in the guilt of this vast criminal organization. The Mafia has better morals.

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@Jimmy Neutron: EW: How

@Jimmy Neutron: EW: How does anyone remain Catholic?

Blind faith and ignorance always overcomes truth and sense. If you can be convinced that your heart thinks, you can be convinced of anything.

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I'm a recovering Catholic of

I'm a recovering Catholic of over 50 years.

I left the Church at 20, (1967) because I could no longer accept some of the Church's more fatuous claims. This was not a moral decision.

Took me another 25 years before I realised I am an atheist. An agnostic atheist to be precise. That means I don't believe on god [plus the soul, afterlife, heaven ,hell, demons, angels, the paranormal, psychics, mountain trolls, dragons, or fairies at the bottom of my garden) due to a lack of proof.

BUT, I do not claim to know. My position is that the existence of god is unfalsifiable, as metaphysical propositions tend to be. IE cannot be proved or disproved. Nor can god be argued into or out of existence.

I asked my devout Catholic cousin why he remains Catholic. I think his answer is logical and adult:

The abusers are only men, albeit deeply flawed, and in some cases, quite evil.

Catholic beliefs are not invalidated by the evil actions of some of its priest and teachers .QED.

Plus of course, no other person is obliged to explain or justify their beliefs to me SO LONG AS those beliefs are not foisted upon me and do not harm me or mine.

Right now, the Prime Minister of Australia belongs to happy clappy church, the Pentacostals. His religious beliefs effect the way he governs, and that infuriates me. A recent PM was chronically catholic ,and blocked moves to legalise same sex marriages. (since legalised)

So there is no misunderstanding, my position is that: Organised religion is the greatest confidence trick ever perpetrated on the human race.

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@cranky47: The abusers are

@cranky47: The abusers are only men, albeit deeply flawed, and in some cases, quite evil.

Hello Cranky47. The abusers who feature in the media are mostly men, but there has been plenty of abuse (physical and sexual) by nuns. Nuns also played a major role in the Rwandan genocide.

But whether male or female, the abusers are just people with serious flaws, and they can appear in all walks of life. What's special about the Catholic church is way it has enabled and protected abusers. I would expect an organization that claims to provide moral leadership to at least outdo Hollywood in outing and punishing the sexual predators in its midst.

the Prime Minister of Australia belongs to happy clappy church, the Pentacostals. His religious beliefs effect the way he governs

I'm eagerly waiting for him to start speaking in tongues. So far he's just demonstrated that speaking English is a challenge for him.

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THE reason the church

THE reason the church protected abusers is also pretty simple; Canon law trumps civil law.Therefore, a priest could/can commit a civil crime and confess it.He would / forgiven, and possibly moved. Where there was/is a possibility of embarrassment to the church, the miscreant would be/will be moved, sometimes to a parish in a foreign country

It needs to be remembered that until I think the enlightenment (not sure) no clergy could be tried in a civil court for any reason. They could only be tried by a church court. That meant a great many escaped justice. THE crime was blasphemy and apostasy. Such people were often burned alive.

I don't believe for a second that the arrogant world view which allowed abusers to flourish will be destroyed in the Catholic church or any other faith. Eg there have been reports of abuse in orthodox Jewish communities agains Amish about Islamic communities/schools.

It tis my opinion that such abuse is far more pervasive in general communities than we are willing to admit.I believe it will continue especially in any setting in a man has power over a child/children. I truly hope I'm wrong.

The current pope, Francis ,seems like a nice old man. He also seems to be a dithery old twit , who may or may not drag the Church into the new millennium.

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The answer to why they still

The answer to why they still remain part of the CC is simple: blind faith.

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Hey, ex-catholic here. It

Hey, ex-catholic here. It seems that the sex scandals of the Catholic Church are one of the biggest reasons why people are leaving the religion... But that's not entirely true, it was not even my reason of leaving actually (Don't get me wrong here, paedophilia is horrendous and paedophiles deserve the worst, but in my process of coming out I still had a big influence of the life-long indoctrination inside the church I had in that moment. Nowadays I look at that again and it's definitely one of the reasons I'm never coming back). In the church, as the majority of christian churches (I suppose) they teach you and repeat to you all the time that you are a sinner, it doesn't matter what you do, but for the simple reason of being descendant of Adam and Eve you are a result of the Original Sin, thus every human, except the saints (Like Mother Theresa or John Paul II) are sinners. What I'm trying to get with this is that the catholic church teaches that EVERY human is bad, and if someone inside the institution, like a priest, commits a crime and others try to cover it (Paedophilia in this case), those people are to blame, not the Church. Most catholics will remain inside of the religion despite the sex scandals because it was a human error, and from the catholic point of view, every human has the potential to be bad, it's not God's fault.

Then, what is the reason for people remain catholic? I have an hypothesis for this, that I have concluded from my experience inside the religion and all the Catholics I've known... And that's, like, the immense majority of people I've known in my life. The population of my country, Colombia, is 79% catholic, and other 13% is protestant, that gives a 92% christian country, so yeah, is not difficult to find catholics here, tons of churches, religious images and things like that.

The first point of the hypothesis is: The Catholic Church doesn't teaches that there are such things as "false religions". In my experience inside the church they taught me that:
- The catholic church is the unique church that expresses the real messages of God.
- Protestants are our brothers because they also believe in Jesus and praise our God, but they are fools, so try to convert them
- Jews and Muslims are also our brothers because we praise the same God.
- All the other religions are satanic.
- Atheists are satanic.
I've taken this conclusion from a "spiritual retreat" I was taken when I was younger. In one moment they talked about other religions, like Hinduism and Buddhism focusing in Yoga, they said something like "Yoga is good for your body, but when you enter to a Yoga group as you go deeper in it they start saying that you can relax your soul and that your soul is yours, which is not what God says, because the souls of everyone belong ONLY to God, thus, Yoga is satanic". They also talked about how the Yin and Yang is satanic: "The symbol has two colours, the white represents the good, that means, God, and the black means all the bad things. Now you see that inside each colour is another little circle of the opposite colour, in the black there is a white, meaning that there will always be some good in the darkness, and then in the white there is a black circle, meaning that there is bad in the good, that means, that God has bad things, and that is a lie! That is satanic!". Even with indigenous religions that literally existed totally apart from Christianity before the colonization of America, they say that their rituals evoke ancient spirits and demons, opening portals from hell.
In brief, Catholicism relates itself to all the other religions to see itself as the only way to save the souls of all the people, because every other religion is satanic and blasphemous. SEEMS LEGIT

The second point of the hypothesis is the fuckton of myths and superstitions some populations preserve. In the case of my country, Colombia, the belief and "visions" of spirits is very strong, witchcraft is assumed as undoubtedly true for the intense presence of Santería's sorcerers and witches here, the leprechaun and other mythical creatures are assumed as a truth in the rural zones, and the big presence of indigenous people that always talk about their "ancient spirits", the "powers of the nature", their "traditional medicine" and the communication with their gods. All of this make people remain in catholic as a protection for those evils. And let's not talk about "exorcisms" oh boi. Some of the "symptoms" of being possessed are:
- Supernatural strength.
- The capacity of talking languages you don't know.
- Repellency to divine objects and places.
- Thickening of the voice.
And of course, the unique explanation is that some invisible dude took control of your body and the unique cure is some priest talking shit in Latin.

This just makes clear that is pure ignorance what maintains people inside the church, some myths and familiar tradition.

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Gee Atho, your catholic

Gee Atho, your catholic church seems very tolerant

Here in Australia, the nuns told us to stop throwing rocks at the Protestant kids on the way home from school. Also, not to say mean things to them .WHY? Because it wasn't their fault they were protestant and were going to hell.--this from an Irish nun, who said a lot of weird things and had a fixation about martyrs, the gorier the better.

I was about 7 at the time. Her stories gave me nightmares; mum had to go and yell at the head nun. (Mum was protestant and Canadian, so wasn't putting up with that shit)

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Thanks for sharing that, Atho

Thanks for sharing that, Atho. That was an interesting and enlightening point of view. I enjoyed reading it and it gives me a deeper understanding of why it's so hard to break away.

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Sadly it's a bunch of

Sadly it's a bunch of faithfools that remain in the toxic church.

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Take care with

Take care with generalisations. It's the beginning of bigotry.

I know some pretty good Catholics, whose faith is strong and who have not lost their faith due the criminal behaviour of Catholic clergy.

One of the good Catholics was my mum, who converted in 1970. Mum kept her faith until the day she died in April this year at age 92. With a clear mind and a sharp intelligence , mum was no fool . She saw abusers early on, and loathed them. Had no time for George Pell, most senior Aussie prelate, currently in prison. Couldn't stand the last two popes because they were reactionaries

Mum was what I call a small 'c' Christian ; she gave witness to her faith my her actions and by the way in which she lived. At mum's funeral, people she helped and who loved her came out of the wood work; the family had no idea. One of my late [Catholic] Aunts was also like that.

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We'll hear plenty of heart

We'll hear plenty of heart-warming stories of good simple genuine folk who still managed to keep their faith in the church.
I'll generalize that by tithing and supporting that organization, they're complicit in enabling an international child-rapist protection cult. Which also causes great harm throughout the world by teaching against condom use and birth control.

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Umm ,the Catholic church has

Umm ,the Catholic church has never asked for tithing in Oz.

Sadly, I have to agree with you about a culture of abuse; after all, it's been going on for about 1500 years., so it's pretty pervasive . However, I do not paint all clergy or all of the faithful with the same brush. As far as I'm aware not a claim which can be proved.

Catholic churches are not directly controlled by the Vatican . The policy on birth control can vary a lot. Here, birth control is tacitly accepted by many parishes, although not officially.

Imo, generalisations tend to be facile and indicative of a lazy mind. OF COURSE I use them from time to time, but try not to.

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Perhaps stupidity is sexual

Perhaps stupidity is sexual transmitted...

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I'm going to answer this with

I'm going to answer this with the same response that I've been given my entire life whenever I'd ask a similar question of this sort.

"People are bad, God isn't. People are imperfect, God is perfect. Worship God, not the people and don't judge God by the actions of the people. Verily, man's biggest enemy is Satan and he can easily swerve us away from the right path."

I actually feel like a theist after writing that lol. The same happens when people try to shed light on ISIS and Islam. ISIS follows Islam top to bottom, 100%, yes it's hard to believe but anyone who knows the rules of Islam, unfiltered, straight from the book, without bullshitting about "context" and blabla, they'll find ISIS is the true depiction of 7th century Islam. How can anyone remain in Islam after knowing this? The answer? People who do not want to face the truth will defend their religion by CLAIMING that ISIS is making conspiracies to defame Islam. It's a funded organization by the enemies of Islam.

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