How insignificance can be beautiful

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How insignificance can be beautiful

I remembering watching a debate between Michael Shermer and John Lennox, and in Shermer's final closing argument, he read from his book "Why Darwin Matters" (great book btw). I find this argument, though it shows how insignificant we really are, one of the most beautiful:

"What science tells us is that we are but one among hundreds of millions of species that evolved over the course of three and a half billion years on one tiny planet among many orbiting an ordinary star, itself one of possibly billions of solar systems in an ordinary galaxy that contains hundreds of billions of stars, itself located in a cluster of galaxies not so different from millions of other galaxy clusters, themselves whirling away from one another in an expanding cosmic bubble universe that very possibly is only one among a near infinite number of bubble universes. Is it really possible that this entire cosmological multiverse was designed and exists for one tiny subgroup of a single species on one planet in a lone galaxy in that solitary bubble universe? It seems unlikely."

This is beauty on a scale that no believer could ever adhere to. Who agrees?

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I completely agree. I think

I completely agree. I think most religious people and most religions groups tend to be a little too egocentric. Believing that this whole universe was created for us and that we are the only species and only living being in all of it. The universe is truly inmense and we are but particles in it. I wouldnt even say ants. We are just dust particles really. But we think higly of ourselves because we have been brainwashed by egomaniacs and poets.

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I agree also. We're so

I agree also. We're so anthropocentric that it's killing us, because to realise our place in the universe might make us stop fighting as children and instead stand as one marvellous species. The difference between life and 'un-life' is minute, we're the same matter, we just have convinced ourselves that because we think (and sometimes I wonder if we even do think) we are somehow important and 'vital'.

We're a flash in the pan. Humans have been around nearly two-hundred thousand years. It wouldn't surprise me if in that time again we aren't here anymore, and the universe will not care for our passing. However, I do believe that while we are insignificant, as a species whole we can do some wonderful things, and I have very high hopes for the future of technology - which is arguably our greatest asset.

The universe is immensely beautiful, with or without humans. I'm just happy I get a few years in the Sun so I can see it before I dissolve back to from whence I came (back into the universe that spawned me, it's beautiful in and of itself!).

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Atheist arrogance - christian

Atheist arrogance - christian humility
The vastness of space,time & matter, billions of galaxies,stars & planets millions of different species,99% of them extinct....all created solely for one species ...and individual that knows with absolute certainty who creator is,what he wants, and loves humble.

Insignificant speck in this vast universe, with no cosmic purpose,lucky to be born,to exist to live the only precious life, fascinated with how more we know -less we understand in this vastness of the arrognat?

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