The Hurrians

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The Hurrians

The laws and customs that were followed by tbe Abrahamic Jews are those of the Hurrians of Northern Mesopotamia. The Hurrians were not Semites. The present-day inhabitants of the area occupied by the Hurrians are the Kurds. The DNA of the Mediterranian Jews and the Kurds shows that they are related ... closer than any other pair of ethnic groups.

This information (about the Hurrian/Hebrew connection) was published by an Israeli author in the 1950s shortly after the discovery of an Hurrian clay tablet archive... it didn't go down well and seems to have been caculatedly ignored for several decades.

Perhaps more advanced DNA testing could clarify if there is a link or not?

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Another one to add to the

Another one to add to the list. The Mormons believe that American Indians are the 'lost tribes', and the nutcase 'Black Hebrews' claim they are.

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A Finnish ethnic slur for

A Finnish ethnic slur for Swedes is "hurri", coincidence? I think not. Swedes are really the original Jews then, quite obviously.

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Which author? Where was it

Which author? Where was it published?

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The Magical tablet of Santa

The Magical tablet of Santa was found in glacial Ice melt-away. We now know it was not reindeer that pulled his magical sled through the air but magical flying chameleons that can look like reindeer on the ground and then vanish into the night sky by resembling a field of stars. This information was written by Santa Himself and in his very own handwriting so we know it is 100% authentic. Carbon dating on the text shows it to be 1,748 years years old. As old as Santa himself.

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My thoughts are the the

My thoughts are the the original Hebrews may have been a Semitic tribe living in Hurrian territory who adopted their laws and customs but maintained their own religious beliefs.They may have become a prosperous elite and, just as in later Roman times, maintained their numbers by encourging their non-Hebrew servants to convert. The Roman-times Jews would invite their non-Jewish servants to convert after 7 years of service.

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