I'm 14, and I smart enough not to follow religion

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And the reason why they never

And the reason why they never pick up the buybulls to talk is because God never calls. He used to do it a lot in between 4000 BCE and 90 CE, but for some reason he never gives us calls anymore, and instead we are the ones who need to call him- calls that he rarely seems to answer. Sometimes he does answer them, and when he does, there are non-supernatural factors that seem to have been the real cause, but hey, I prayed, so they're obviously completely irrelevant, and are just God-er, no- SATAN!!!1!!1!!! Satan wants to test my faith! Yes, that's it whenever I see something that suggests that there is no God, it's obviously just either him or God testing me, because they're tricky SOBs like that. I must believe in all of this unquestioningly, or be punished eternally.

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Years ago I managed a local

Years ago I managed a local restaurant in a small bible belt town, and it always amused me that we would have the honky tonk midnight rush from 12 til about 2am on Saturday night, then the next morning get the breakfast and lunch church rush! Interestingly, you had better have the food up to standard on sunday! Actually, I enjoyed the Saturday night shift better, people were more "loose" and fun to serve even though we had the occasional mess to clean up.

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@Dan M. Re: Honky tonk vs.

@Dan M. Re: Honky tonk vs. Church breakfast

As the esteemed lyricist Mr. Jimmy Buffett once said: "...Religion... Ooooo... There's a thin line between Saturday night and Sunday morning..." lol


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Hi Stare, I'm always glad to

Hi Stare, I'm always glad to see another person drop the shackles of religion. It took me until the age of 18, also due largely to YouTube. One thing you could do to pass the time in Sunday school at least is to ask "innocent" questions when the "teacher" says something that doesn't make sense to you. I think you're in a good position to plant seeds for the rest of your age group. You may never see the fruits of your labor, but you never know what people may take to heart. The best part is, they'll still think you're a Christian if you don't tell them otherwise and aren't too aggressive with your questions, so they might take your questions more seriously and try to answer you instead if just dismissing you, which they'd probably do if they knew you were an atheist. But you do have to be careful - if the Sunday school teacher is someone who goes from 0 to 60 when challenged, it'd probably be best to back off... OR just calmly ask them why they're getting so angry. That happens a lot when you question someone about their beliefs.

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Howdy, b_rye. Welcome aboard.

Howdy, b_rye. Welcome aboard. Hey, just so you know, do not expect any reply from Stare. He/she/it was one of many sock puppet trolls that recently got ousted. Just a little FYI.

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Aw, that's a bummer. Thanks

Aw, that's a bummer. Thanks for letting me know, and thanks for the welcome!

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I was fairly young when I

I was fairly young when I first had my doubts, I realized there was nothing I could point to to prove the miracles of my religion were right, but the other guys religion was wrong.

One of the fun questions for creationists who are mostly concerned with looking for 'problems' in evolution: Imagine you meet a space alien who has already talked to the natives of North America, Hindus, Aborigines, Bantu people from Africa... each one tells a different creation story. How can you prove Adam and Eve? They're usually quite unprepared for that question.

One more thing, reference to your thread title NOT to your deconversion.

You're 14. Always question, but never be overconfident. By the time you're 18 much of your worldview will have changed. By the time you're 35, you'll be amazed at the stupid stuff you did at 20. By the time you're my age (69), you'll realize how much of your life was composed of trial and mistakes getting to today.

I'm not the same person I was at 40, or 20, or 14. Thankfully.

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you need to read bible 14

you need to read bible, 14 year old guy. - you can't be "just atheist" without knowing religious bullshit texts completely, knowing history of religion. Without it - any tragedy in your life will immediately throw you back in religion paws.

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Apparently; however, you can

Apparently; however, you can be an atheist without an ability to string sentences together in a cohesive manner or use any form of a logical inference to evidence the points you wish to make. Quite obviously, you will not be a respected atheist, but you can still use inane assertions to insult the religious and pretend you have something important to say.

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Exactly. Just because we all

Exactly. Just because we all don't believe in God doesn't neccesarily mean that we all have the best reasons.


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