I'm feeling alone... but not for the reasons you would think of.

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@Raphael: RE: Walmart ---

@Raphael: RE: Walmart --- No.... You think you understand, Ha ha ha ha ha ...... The People At Walmart.


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Cog!!! Another reason I love

Cog!!! Another reason I love humans - fuck me - people :)

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You are correct, religion is all bullshit. Lies made up by humans to better control other humans. Since you were sheltered from religion until you were older, it is obvious to me. (I have a similar story/experience with religion that you have.)

The how and why of it is a bit more complex.

I am impressed you figured it out at 17, and your english is better than most folks I run into that only speak english.

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I'd rather say "non sense"

I'd rather say "non sense"
I'm trying to take an empathic approach when talking to religious people.
I said I try, because that's quitealot hard.

I would use an equivalent to bullshit at 14 actually, now I'm more into "natural society behavior we have to overcome/control in the 21th century"

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That is a better attitude then I have.

I see most major organized religion as the very effective 5000+ year old con. Refined and taught by parents and other important peers to defenseless innocent children over all those years.

I understand that most folks caught up in religion really had no defense or any choice to the religion indoctrination, so I am not very angry at the people that practice it day to day, but I am angry at religious leaders, where it should be obvious there is no substance to their claims, perpetuating and defending the religion con.

Like you, I am hopeful we can continue to current world wide trend of decreasing (overall) religious influence. USA for better or worse has been the global leader in social influence, and US has been trending away from religion in the last 100 year or so in all the more socially influential areas, namely most of hollywood. The rise of the internet is helping as well. Religion's grip on the narrative of what people can learn has greatly weakened. But the generation to generation brainwashing by unwitting parents to their children continues. And in other parts of the world it occurs through violence and fear.

I actually think capitalism and endless growth may have superseded religion both in power and in potential harm. Of course the two (religion and capitalism) end up working together at times too.

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My opinion on this matter is not the consensus here

In my opinion to simply dismiss religion as bullshit/nonsense is shallow and ignorant.

It is my opinion that religious beliefs :

(1) ) always reflect the culture which invents them and the individuals which practice them .How could they not?

(2) That religious beliefs always serve at least one purpose. The reasons may include, but are not limited to:

(a) Comfort with the fear of death

(b) Giving the illusions of meaning and control over life .

(c) A feeling of community and even of personal safety.One's religious beliefs can still be a matter of life and death in some societies today.

My opinion on this matter was formed first through a degree course at university studying several religions . Since then by ongoing informal study and observation and discussion.

I freely admit my life experiences and perceptions may differ from others here. I'm quite comfortable agreeing to differ.

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I agree on that.

I agree on that.
But they were not created to serve a purpose, they exist because they happen to do so.


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