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Greetings from South Australia, Cranky here. Why Cranky?--read on.

A recovering catholic for 50 years, today I'm an opinionated geriatric with an inquiring mind.

Among the labels I use to describe myself (depending on mood and mental state) . : Agnostic atheist, cynic, skeptic, materialist, misanthrope---and therefore Cranky

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Hi Cranky. Welcome to AR.

Hi Cranky. Welcome to AR.

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Sounds like you fit right in

Sounds like you fit right in here Cranky,....welocome.

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Hey there, Cranky! Welcome to

Hey there, Cranky! Welcome to our little hole in the wall. If you think you are Cranky now, though, just hang around a bit. After you hear the squeaking wheels of Old Man's tricycle long enough, your cranky mood will seem like a happy-happy-joy-joy moment. I keep offering to oil them for him, but for some reason he does not like my method of doing so.... *shrugging shoulders*... Anyway, come on in and make yourself at home. Cranky works quite well for these parts... *chuckle*...

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/Welcome to the Poo-fling,

/Welcome to the Poo-fling, grab a handful and smash it into anything that moves in a direction you don't like.

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Oh,so you met George, the

Oh,so you met George, the Orangutang at our local zoo. George used to sit on his suspended rubber tyre, first inserting digit into rectum, removing and placing digit into mouth. He would beckon for you to come closer. I did that once, when I was about 4.-------SPLATT!!!!!! Fresh orangutang poo all over my brand new sailor suit. Mum was livid,.

Mums tended not to like George. (apparently it's really hard getting orangutang poo out of a mainly white sailor suit)

Kids loved George, especially little boys, who have a scatalogical sense of humour.After he died, the Zoo put up a brass bust of George, paid for by public subscription.. Ironically, it was the sad life of the captive George which solidified my hatred of Zoos..

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Welcome to AR!

Welcome to AR!

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G'day Cranky, welcome to AR.

G'day Cranky, welcome to AR.

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