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A Question

Guys will we ever succeed in this war, I became an atheist 7 years back from that time I had debated against countless people some people understand, some didn't. I gave them the idea that what could be the world if people didn't believe in imaginary things and lived with science, I never force anyone to become an atheist so I didn't increase our count. in a world where people like Zakir naik, yogi and other people have the chance to preach in front of thousands of people and we didn't even get a stage to say our words how people will understand our view, as I asked before will we ever win this, frankly people now see me as a weird guy who is always ready against god and am ok with that when I started i used to believe that there is something good also with religion but as days passed this thing changed to pure hate, right now I just hate religion and god. I don't know is it the hate or something else people now don't want to debate with me on this topic, it feels like they know they will lose that's why now they don't even want to listen. sorry for his kind of negative post and i know atheism it's not only about us it's an idea and no one can kill an idea but it's just I'm a bit tired of doing the same thing again and again and now people even don't listen they don't even talk logically and how can we debate against someone who doesn't even have common logic. guys, what you think? what should we do? thanks.

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I agree I hate religion too.
I think we need to be innovative.
I'm not exactly sure how.
But who said bad things happen when good people stand around and do nothing. I know I butchered that. Atheist state is a fun dream to strive for. We shouldn't be limited by the past.
You all are pretty fucking brilliant. I'm hopeful some sort of movement or progress can be done for science and truth. But I am a dreamer so u logical people might deal more with the facts:)

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I feel your pain brother.

I feel your pain brother.
I don't think it is a war. I know I am not on a crusade to end religion and convert everyone to become an atheist. That is futile. I don't even know if I want that in the first place.
I don't hate god because you can't hate what you don't believe.
Debating is a queer thing. You have a side of an issue. You may have all the facts. You may even be absolutely correct. Your opponent may even be obviously wrong to the most casual observer, but it doesn't matter if the person you argue with cannot accept your facts or any facts that they don't want to. Then it just becomes a heated shouting match at best.
If you want comfort, don't put yourself in a frustrating situation. If someone wants to know about atheism find out if that is really what they want or if they are harboring a different agenda. You'll find that most people just want to preach their god to you. Atheists seem to be bright targets for these kinds of people.
I say that no one becomes an atheist unless they really want to. You aren't an atheist just because you hate god.
There is nothing to believe in when you are an atheist so you can't just replace religion with atheism. It doesn't work that way. Atheism is accepting reality and fact over myth. That is all it is. It doesn't make you a better person, a smarter person. Atheism is an awareness of truth and skepticism of myth.
John Lennon wrote the song "Imagine." He tries to get people to think to just step back and imagine.
And if I want a believer to understand atheism that is exactly what I do. I ask them to imagine the world without a god.
People have to come to conclusions all by themselves on their own just as you must have done.
Most theists think that something had to happen to a person to make them to come to the decision to become an atheist. Something like being molested by a priest. Well, that is a fallacy. You know it, I know it, but theists just can't grasp it.
So if you are bent on debating theist about the thing that they hold most dear remember this You can't talk rationally to an irrational person. Unless a theist wants to accept truth over what has drilled into their heads since birth, you won't reach them.

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Hang in there Kratos. Mannn

Hang in there Kratos. Mannn I slayed the heavens and underworld over and over with the Character Kratos. One of my favorite games!

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The religiously unaffiliated

The religiously unaffiliated are the fastest growing sector out of all religions in the US.

The "nones" are also growing in most of europe and many other countries that can be described first world.


However, worldwide, the percentage of "nones" is expected to fall, as their is expected to only be a 35 million person increase in "nones" in the next 25 years but a much larger increase in them theist folk just from the rise in population. (Brain wash em while they are young!) Atheist oriented populations just plain do not reproduce as fast as theist oriented populations.

Ya win some and ya lose some. At least us atheist can head for first world countries where some day in the future we might make a majority of some first world country in our life times.

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Yes they were or going to do

Yes they were or are going to do a documentary about the kkk. Young boys dressed like klan being taught so much fucked up shit.

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Most theists don't exactly

Most theists don't exactly look for people to debate the existence of their God/Gods, they usually are looking to sell or promote their beliefs or to be reassured by others of how great their beliefs are. For the most part, the theists I've encountered have a circular way of thinking. It doesn't matter what you say if the person is certain without a doubt that their God is real your arguments will fall on deaf ears.

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