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Regarding the Debate Room

Hi y'all,

I have noticed that, in our DR, the arguments made by almost always drive-by apologists and proselytizers seem to keep getting ever-increasingly sillier and more out-of-touch with each new thread. I was just on a thread in which I saw the following fallacious arguments all in one neat package (*sigh* if only I had brought my bingo sheet):

- Argumentum ad populum
- Appeal to authority
- Whataboutism
- False equivalency ("atheism is a religion b/c it's just disbelief")
- The Who-are-you-to-judge card
- Countless ad-hominems and strawmen
- God of the Gaps

What are some of your thoughts on the recent "debates" we've been having?

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I've stopped responding. The

I've stopped responding. The repetitious stupidity is not worth the effort.
Some more Bingo Squares.

1. Avoiding a direct response.
2. Side Tracking by starting a new topic without completing the first.
3. Shotgun assertions without evidence or facts supporting any. (Fallacy of Information Overload)
4, Unsupported assertions.
5, Quote mining.
6, Utter and complete nonsense having nothing to do with the OP.
7. Presuppositionalist Bullshit.

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Thank you. I shall add your

Thank you. I shall add your valuable contributions to some bingo sheets I plan to make in the future.

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Oh, btw I've just made a

Oh, btw I've just made a sheet. See attachment.


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