A Secular Humanist "Club" Within Highschools

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A Secular Humanist "Club" Within Highschools

So for a while now I have been thinking of requesting to start a Secular Humanist "club" in response to the opening of a bible club last semester in my high school. Any thoughts, suggestions, or advice is welcome and appreciated :)

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If you keep it to any topic

If you keep it to any topic except atheism you should be okay. But, because the atheist compulsion draws us to conflict the club you create must have no hint of it if credibility is to be sought. Otherwise it will get blown out of proportion, as atheism usually is, and both sides will fire all of their guns.

I would keep it pretty benign, which is to say boring. The subjects I'd cover would be technology in as much as -

- How it has crept into the lives of everyone silently effecting person-to-person in-the-flesh isolationism.

- How it has replaced talent in the business of making music with fake (pitch corrected) singers and digital effects for musical instruments.

- How it is affecting people insomuch as publicly sharing their most private information as if it's become fashionable.

- How it has grown to such proportion as to become an unspoken birthright to carry and use a cellphone regardless of the situation (driving, on the job, within earshot of everyone in a public place) and getting indignant when its use is prohibited by an authority such as a local jurisdiction, company policies, business directives (movie theaters).

Those are the negative points but they are significant enough to impact the positive points of technology.

Stay clear of atheism. The theists would get butt-hurt and the whole of the "secular" club would become suspect and prohibited by school authority.

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Great initiative!

Great initiative!

I agree with Pitar, in that it is a good idea to avoid the term "Atheist" or "Atheism". But I think "Secular Humanist" sounds good.

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