Secular Rescue, a program of the Center For Inquiry

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Secular Rescue, a program of the Center For Inquiry

On Friday, Sept. 30 (International Blasphemy Rights Day), the Center for Inquiry will launch Secular Rescue, a program to relocate to safety secular and progressive activists whose lives are in danger.



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Thanks, Prag, for this post!

Thanks, Prag, for this post! Just donated to the cause!

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Great program.

Great program.

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Never knew these guys existed

Never knew these guys existed. They are wonderful people for doing such a compassionate thing, I only wish I could donate.

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It seems they also have

It seems they have also started "Secular Celebrant's"

"Secular Celebrants officiate at marriage and commitment ceremonies, funerals/memorials, and other celebrations of life's milestones."

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The idea of people being free

The idea of people being free to do as as they please is a relative notion. A person who knowingly violates the laws of his nation for any reason whatsoever brings upon himself the consequences of his actions. If a secularist brings a verbal assault against a theist government he is either brave or stupid, the latter usually being the case, but, whichever the case, he must suffer his mistake. The so-called intelligentsia, sometimes called free thinkers, are not (typically) proportionately charmed with common sense. They are usually loud mouths who get themselves in trouble. Their sympathizers raise up the call of justice where their brand of justice does not preside. It's a silliness repeated in the turnstyle manner by self-proclaimed champions of any cause.

Mistakes have consequences. Otherwise they are simply opportunities for forgiveness. In our time mistakes are more towards the latter than they are the former when human rights activists get involved to wage war against the relevant laws of a national sovereignty. Currently, there's a global outreach on behalf of the dissidents of IRAN to be protected. The UN and western world is being beseeched to put pressure on the Iranian government. Hey, those people got themselves in that predicament and, as the saying goes - "A lack of forethought on your part should not constitute an emergency on mine."

Fight your own battles.

The secular consciousness is simply not that important to levy a fight for. Should a person feel compelled to do so then he must consider his house first. What would be his mistake in answering the matters of his heart? What is his risk? Does he consider it martyr-worthy? (Yes, secularist martyrs and theist martyrs are considered one in the same - crack-pots.) If not, what is he preparing to do to ensure his safety before he gets all vocal about his pet peeves? This is not rocket surgery yet most loud-mouthed dissidents bring the hurt upon themselves. Stupid is as stupid does and I do not see the advantage in assisting more stupidity thrive in this world regardless of its basis.

Explained -

If you are truly atheist, you will see no purpose for mankind's existence. Outside of the species' innate will to survive, there is nothing redeeming of the life lived. There is nothing good, nothing bad when that is considered and certainly no reward for a mortal existence. If man pretends to be good, there must be a pretense to the bad, but the over shadowing reality is none of it matters so why the pretense one way or the other? However, there is an ecology of the hosting planet that matters to the lesser animals that mankind is largely inconsiderate of. If there was a purpose for mankind, preservation of the planet ecology should be it. But, it isn't. Man's conduct is wholly centered around bettering himself over his fellow man in a time-immemorial war of pretense upon himself that has cost this planet plenty.

So, making a safe-house and route to it for loud-mouthed atheists is hardly one of my mortal points of concern.

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"Fight your own battles."

"Fight your own battles."

The fault for loss lay not on the man who claimed the shield and sword, but the man who started the war in the first place.

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