So the world hasn't ended yet

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So the world hasn't ended yet

I mean what's up with that? I thought Corona was the last seal and we were about to meet the Jebus man? Ive been in quarantine two months now and honestly I'm getting a little inpatient. Jesus could at least call if he was gonna be late

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@ Michael

@ Michael

LOL. At least you seem t be getting a lot better! Welcome to living!

Our lockdowns are being relaxed ( being in the most isolated city in the world has its advantages) Pubs open this week....restaurants open soon for dine in....No flights in though without quarantine. All interstate roads blocked....except for essential supplies.

But things are good, Beautiful weather, few cars, empty buses! Life is good.

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We’ve “opened up” cautiously.

We’ve “opened up” cautiously. It’s been nice.

Nah, Jesus only leaves end time messages directly with the likes of Johan and Jackson5.

I’m looking forward to around the 2032 mark - I predict we’ll have a flush of end timers and “2012 types” Hawking their wares for the next end-time event.

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@ both-

@ both-

My county (near Seattle) is still in almost full lockdown but I can't say I'm personally suffering much. My unemployment checks are twice what I make at work so I'm getting a nice nest egg going at least, and I'll never get this free time again. Glad y'all are making it through

And oh shit, asteroid, add that to apocalypse bingo

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...and a cat apocalypse... is

...and a cat apocalypse... is that in the bingo card?

Everyone worries about the “bees” - that’s nothing compared to “if something wiped out cats” ...

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And “if something wiped out

And “if something wiped out cats” would be nothing next to "cats learn to use can openers"...we could expect our redundancy very soon after....fuckin' catz

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Hahahahaha smiling(???) [fuck

Hahahahaha smiling(???) [fuck can’t tell now]birdfood...

Until, there was no humans to put food in those cans!!! Then we’d “show” them!

However - upon second thought - they may already know, but why should they bother when we’ll do it for them?

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My ancestors came through the

My ancestors came through the Toba catastrophe of 75,000 years ago, as well as a couple of ice ages. They also survived the Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Norman invasions, Christianity, the 100 years war, the Armada, the 30 years war, several plagues, cholera and smallpox epidemics, more Christianity, the Napoleonic and Crimean Wars, the two World Wars, the Spanish flu.... Generation after generation they came through in an unbroken line leading to me.

And now I have lived through COVID-19 and the great toilet paper famine of 2020.

Every one of us can say that. We're tough bastards. All those other disasters went away. So will this.

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We are still on the front

We are still on the front side of the curve Al. The 4-5K deaths per day, won't go away till post vaccine two to five years from now....not to mention the zoonotic mutations presently making it into other species. I wouldn't count your chickens.

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Several mathematical analysis

Several mathematical analysis have indicated that the lockdown is virtually ineffective. Trendlines did not shift when lockdowns were implemented (with a 2 week infection cycle, the effects should have been visible), The real problem is that the virus is so widespread (millions with no symptoms or mild symptoms) that locking down is like trying to stop a wildfire with a garden hose.

What we are seeing is the progression of the disease,

What's happening is the sociological equivalent of a cytokine storm: nations are destroying themselves in a futile gesture.

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How can you use R0 to project expected rates, when we still don't know what the actual R0 is for this pathogen? You can't. Also, nothing is mentioned about the change in testing policy that each country went through...amongst survivors and people that passed away. Also, we do not yet know the average incubation period, and disease progression, as both are host dependent. The R0, was eventually figured out for the 1918-19 spanish flu...two cities had different results for their populations, based on different prevention protocols. the social distancing and banning of any public gatherings, was the measurably better city, both for transmissibility and fatalities. Also, cytokine overproduction, is a factor of the virus host, not the pathogen, and easily controlled...just like each country who has the economic strategy available to maintain distancing and isolation. Just saying.

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In the case of the Spanish

In the case of the Spanish flu, identifying the sick was not difficult. What we know now that this virus is past the state where anything short of a 100% total lockdown of every person is going to stop it. Even the UN is now suggesting that the lives lost to poverty and starvation will be greater than the disease itself. Factoring the more subjective damage of suicide and drug abuse, we need to really consider is any realistic life saving occurring (other than to stop putting sick people back in nursing homes would be a good ships were sent to NYC and LA, massive field hospitals were built in Detroit, DC and other major cities. Virtually unused. Why the HELL were actively infected people. sent back to nursing homes? )

We're basically seeing the life cycle of the disease with limits on what can be realistically accomplished.. Our reaction is doing tremendous long term damage.

[I remember both the '57--was very young then --and the '69 pandemics. By 69 I was working in a department store at the time. We did not close. No one did. Despite the fact that the pattern of infection was similar and the ultimate deaths greater than this one.]

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I’ll wait for the “peer review” ...

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