Trouble with bullying

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Trouble with bullying

So I have been an atheist for 2 years now, but today at school (10th grade), a group consisting of four kids found out about my beliefs against their Islam, and during Islamic education class, one of them grabbed me by the arm, and then the rest proceeded to smack me on the head, I just ignored them, as they clearly were waiting for a reaction out of me, how do I go about dealing with this kind of people?

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Tell someone in authority

Tell someone in authority about this at your school. There should be procedures in place to combat bullying and someone that you can talk to in confidence. Don't suffer in silence, and don't let them get away with it.
I don't know your situation, but if possible, let people at home know what's happened, and hopefully you'll get it sorted out.

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What if the authority has the same reaction as these kids? What about at home?

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@ Talyyn

@ Talyyn

That's why I said I don't know their situation, I'm hoping there is someone who can help... If not then it's a dodgy position to be in, standing up for yourself is fine, but it helps to have backing.

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Yes, of course. It may be

Yes, of course. It may be better to search backing with some western embassy.

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What country are you in?

What country are you in? Take a spy camera with you to school and get the whole thing on video. Upload it onto YouTube.

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Depending on your location,

Depending on your location, another option might be to not bother reporting them to the school; and contact the police instead.

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I agree with, Nyar. What

I agree with, Nyar. What they did is defined as assault. Assault is, in most places, a crime.

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We really need to know if your country is under Islamic law before we can offer advice.
Where you live will determine the advice we might offer.
In any case you did the right thing for not fighting back under the circumstances.

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Hmm... Islamic Education...

Hmm... Islamic Education... sounds like something that they would only teach in either a Muslim-majority country or an Islamic faith-based private school in the West. Which one is it? Either way, the teachers and people in charge of the school probably won't treat you any better, so I don't know exactly what I would do if I were in your position... Man, how I hate, hate, HATE bullies. Especially the type where the particular form of bullying is only reinforced by the teachers and/or society.

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Maybe Cheshire is a special

Maybe Cheshire is a special place then... We had entire lessons devoted to Islam, I learnt a lot from RE...

I've also learned a lot about people... Anyone who starts a sentence with "So" was definitely not raised in an Islamic country.

Could be wrong... But it's rare.

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@Rohan M. - Then go home,

@Rohan M. - Then go home, dress up in full battle gear, grab your semiautomatic hunting rifle, and go shoot up the school. It's the America way.,

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I'm gonna be really fucked if

I'm gonna be really fucked if he actually does that..... NEVER MIND!

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Comparative Religions should

So....Comparative Religions should be a mandatory subject in schools, presented without preferencing any one over another.
That might help in fostering a little more tolerance among the religions of peace and to help younger minds discern the validity and veracity of claims made.
But then the protestant based RE in high school failed to keep me indoctrinated.

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